Integrity vs Loyalty in the Criminal Justice System

Topics: Police, Criminal justice, Crime Pages: 3 (990 words) Published: April 18, 2012
Concept Paper 3 1

Chris Brown
Introduction to Criminal Justice MW P.M. Class
March 16th, 2012
Ivy Tech Community College
Concept Paper # 3

Concept Paper 3 2

The Criminal Justice System is made up of thousands upon thousands of individuals that dedicate their lives to protect and serve the community they represent. Although many officers would say Loyalty to a specific organization is more important than their own Integrity, the same thing can be said about an individual’s Integrity vs. Loyalty. The problem we face today in most of society, is keeping our officers on the “good” side of the fence, making sure they stick with what is right. The Criminal Justice System has taken on the label of being considered “Dirty” at times. The question is, would you stay Loyal to your department and peers? Or would you let your integrity drive you as an individual?

“Loyalty is the quality of being loyal, faithfulness to engagements or obligations, adherence to a leader or cause” (Hurley, 2001). Sometimes we ask ourselves whether we would go with the loyalty to an organization or our integrity. “Loyalty amongst people remains a relevant value in the contemporary world of work in spite of changes such as contracts, outsourcing and globalization” (Hurley, 2001). The Loyalty to an organization is what keeps the individuals that make up our Criminal Justice System running smoothly. The officers that are loyal to the job, work hard daily to make the arrests on the streets, giving the community justice for the crimes committed. The other part of the loyalty factor is whether an officer should stay loyal to his fellow officers no matter what the circumstances are. The criminal justice profession can be very stressing at times, causing many people within to become corrupt. “Despite the fact that rules and regulations almost never mention loyalty to superiors, this unexamined practice has been sacrosanct regardless...
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