Integrity and High Ethical Standards – We Put People First Report for Spsf Executive Summary Titan Stores Is a Major Retailer with Stores. Because the Serious Allegation and the Effect on the Company’s Image and Share

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Integrity and high ethical standards – We put people first Report for SPSF
Titan Stores is a major retailer with stores. Because the serious allegation and the effect on the company’s image and share price, Titan Stores decided to hold a press conference. As a chief man, I felt shamed about our customers and shareholders, but we still face the serious problems. Even though the allegation is factitious and un-true, we still give a good reason and set a responsibility to our all the public people. INTRODUCTION

With accusing pirated goods, in Titan Stores, we are known for our integrity and high ethical standards. We felt sorry and ashamed with our customers because we always price our products competitively and offer top quality goods. We also have a skilled and committed workforce in whom we have great confidence. Titan Stores’ Background

• Based in Dublin, Ireland, Titan Stores is a major retailer with stores in most European cities. • Merchandise:
¬ Stationery and greeting cards.
¬ Books, Magazines and music products.
¬ Computer software and games.
¬ Office equipments, etc.
• Major Customer:
Teenagers and young adults.
• Workforce: 8,000
• Annual Turnover (past one year):
Sales: €720m
Pre-tax: €90m
Pirated Goods
• Race against Time
This game was from the company, Netherland, we had bought the software license in low price due to this company had a financial problem and they want to sell quickly five years ago. As a chief of Titan’s company, I believe that will help us been more competitive with our competitions. • Space Gladiator 4 and Endgame

These two games are from another company in Hong Kong. We had some traded goods with each other, but not too much. Before we began in business, they had showed me the licenses (copyright) with these two games. They had the right to sell them, so I had decided to trade with them....
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