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Wind is an essence of the polymer, a force. However, to aggregate people, should be more honesty accompanied by wind. Integrity of the wind, the cumulative life moral bottom line. The founding president of the United States, Washington, a child does not accidentally cut down his father's favorite cherry tree, but he did not fear of punishment and deception father to his father, but frankly admit its mistakes. Be seen, the integrity of the wind had blown into the hearts of childhood in Washington, he became president and has excellent moral and wholeheartedly endorsed his presidential career. The integrity of the wind, to bridge the gap between people. Have seen this sentence: "Honesty is a symbol of power, it shows a high degree of self-respect and inner security of a person's sense of dignity," this sentence shows the importance of integrity, however, in interpersonal , integrity occupies a very important position. "A person without legislation." Lost integrity can no longer be based on this society. During the last days of the Qin Dynasty, a man named quarter cloth, has always been very disloyal, is a man of integrity. They say: "Gold jin, as D'Season cloth a promise." Therefore, because of integrity, quarter cloth makes a good interpersonal relationship, then get the help of friends was spared. Thus, the integrity of life closer to the distance between people, have good interpersonal skills play an indelible role. To smooth career path is essential integrity.

Credibility is an orchid, manfully in full bloom in the hearts of the people; integrity is a cup of tea, the mixing of people's hearts; integrity is a song, sing over the world. However, I think that honesty is the wind, only lies in your own ability to take advantage of it everywhere.
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