Integrative Negotiation

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  • Published : June 11, 2011
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Integrative Negotiation


MGT 5193.E2

February 16, 2011

Definition of Integrative bargaining states that; it is a negotiation between the parties when the parties are not experiencing a direct conflict over an issue and they want to be benefitted from discussions(Negotiations betweena union…,n.d.). Integrative negotiation is a process in which the party’s goal is to develop a result which is benefitted to both of them. Integrative bargaining is also known as win-win negotiation. Integrative bargaining is an alternate strategy to the distributive negotiation. The main focus of integrative negotiation is that both parties work together to find the best possible result (Integrative negotiation is a strategy where… , n.d.). Integrative bargaining is also known as interest-based bargaining or win-win bargaining. This strategy solely focuses on creating mutually beneficial agreements based on the interests of the parties for example; needs, desires, and concerns (Spangler, 2003). It requires from both parties to put more effort than normal to understand the desires from deal. According to negotiation analyst integrative negotiation works best when parties put their focus on the major point of the deal, instead they came up with other unimportant points which can easily be trade off as part of the negotiating process (Integrative negotiation is a strategy where… , n.d.). Integrative negotiation can also be very difficult to approach because requires a considerable amount of compromise on both sides. Number of persons who are not use to work together should take negotiation as a team effort instead of competition. Integrative negotiation might seems as difficult process at first, but people who have experience with integrative negotiation find that it is a process which is beneficial for both sides (Integrative negotiation is a strategy where… , n.d.). In real world most negotiations work...
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