Integration of Muslim Youth

Topics: Human rights, European Union, Germany Pages: 1 (341 words) Published: January 2, 2013
Committee on Civil Liberties, Justice and Home Affairs (LIBE) Topic: Integration as a two way of mutual accommodation: With the number of Muslims in Europe growing, how can the EU help safeguard their religious freedom and to what extend should the Muslim community assimilate to European values? The recent comments of the European leaders like Merkel and Cameron or ex-leader such as Sarkozy show the change of path on integrating the minorities into the society. Yet, this new approach hasn’t been accepted by the whole Europe. There are some concerns about assuring the main rights of the minorities and also integrating them into the European society at the same time. In order to find a so-called “midway”, both Muslim and European communities should reshape their demands and simply negotiate with each other. “Those who want to participate in our society must not only comply with the law and follow the constitution, but also learn our language.” - the German Chancellor Merkel As Merkel stated every single member of a united society should know the language in order to communicate and share common values. Integration is possible with communication which is simply blocked by the language barrier. While teaching the mother language, Muslims also should be allowed to learn their own language. As a result the next Muslim generations will be directly connected to both their ancestors and their future, the European society. Another aspect that needs to be included is that one of the main human rights, the religious freedom is highly damaged by the prejudices of European society and the rules which have been applied by it. Society should be well-informed about the Muslims and be encouraged to empathize. The different cultural aspects should not be seen as a potential threat to the current European values, but parts of a rich culture mosaic. Even though it seems hard to create a consensus on the integration process of Muslim society, it is possible with patience, courage and...
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