Integration of Heterogeneous Database

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Resource integration of heterogeneous database interoperability federated database

1. Introduction 
Heterogeneous database interoperability issues as a database research in the field hot and difficult issues at home and abroad, academic and industrial sectors have attracted wide attention. Since the 20th century, since the 80's, many foreign companies and research institutes to the integration of heterogeneous databases to conduct a large number of studies and achieved a lot of results, but the domestic research on the integration of heterogeneous databases is still in its early stage. 

2. The concept of heterogeneous database interoperability  Heterogeneous Databases (Heterogeneous Database) database technology integration is a completely centralized logical focus, physical distribution (traditional distributed database) as well as the logical distribution, physical distribution (heterogeneous database) the results of this development process, but also take into account existing systems self - Sexual and achieve the reality of the new data-sharing needs of effective means.  Heterogeneous database heterogeneous features include two levels: system level and language level, heterogeneous, mainly reflected in the following areas.  * Computer architecture, heterogeneous: respectively, each participating database can run on mainframes, minicomputers, workstations, PC or embedded system.  * Heterogeneous operating systems: each database system is based on the operating system can be Unix, Windows NT, Linux and so on.  * of heterogeneous database management systems: a conceptual model of heterogeneous database: There are levels, network, relational and object-oriented 4; the other is the physical model of heterogeneous database: the conceptual model refers to the same but the data structure is different, such as the relationship between Oracle and SQL Server the same type, but the structure is different.  The realization of interoperability of heterogeneous database consists of three functional elements: 1. to provide users with powerful and flexible operation of interoperable visual interface through which users can intuitively transparent access to multiple heterogeneous databases; 2. to provide high-level language database access call-level interface, as call-level interface, designers can achieve the level depending on the specific situation may be clear; 3. to support environmental and open, if possible, should also support the implementation language open.  Heterogeneous database system aimed at achieving data between different databases of information resources, hardware and human resources of the combined and shared. Heterogeneous database systems integration is to a different database systems, operating systems, different operating platforms of different or the blocking of different underlying network, enabling users to heterogeneous database system can be regarded as an ordinary database system, with their own familiar data-processing language to access the database, as access to a database system, like its transparent operation.  3. to achieve heterogeneous database interoperability approach  The face of heterogeneous database interoperability requirements, mainly from the two simultaneous efforts: First, establish standards, that is to establish a unified database of norms, standards eliminate the imperfect system resulting from the differences between various databases; second is to build interoperability of heterogeneous database platforms, achieve transparent access to multiple heterogeneous databases.  With a database interoperability issues in-depth study, based on different perspectives, many researchers have put forward a viable heterogeneous database interoperability channel, these channels to achieve interoperability of the depth, breadth and height vary both in their respective to adapt to the specific environment and needs. The core idea of the database from...
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