Integration of Grading System to the Informatics College Manila Campus Enrollment System

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Chapter I
Research Problem

I. Introduction

Informatics Education Group, founded in 1983, has more than 600 colleges in 52 countries. It is a corporation dedicated to provide quality education to its students. It offers courses in higher education for corporate productivity and Business solutions. Informatics’ commitment to giving quality education encompasses all aspects from course design to student assessment/examination and staff training. This commitment to excel beyond customers’ expectations by providing quality services to its students has pushed the proponents to create a system that will help the school administration and faculty to produce accurate class cards and transcript of records for its students. With the increasing number of students in Informatics college manila also increases the workload of the school administration and faculty members. In order to cope with the increase of workload of the school administration and faculty, the proponents are motivated to create a system that will assist the school administration and faculty to minimize the time spent on managing, submitting and producing the grades of each student. Also, the purpose of the proponents in creating a grading system is to lessen the queue during enrolment with the help of a system that will assist the Informatics College Manila in validating and releasing of class cards.

II. Background of the Study

This study, which is fundamentally aimed at assisting the Registrar Department of Informatics College Manila, attempts to create an integrated enrollment and grading system with transcript database system, providing an efficient way of serving the students during enrollment and releasing the grades. The proposed system shall lessen the laborious manual process in validating the subjects of the students with its pre-requisites and the releasing of transcript of records of graduate students. Getting their official transcript of records would then be easy since the database of the grading system will be shared with the database of the transcript database system. The Registrar Department is the only department within the school is in charge of creating, accessing, and processing the releasing of grades and transcript of records. This department headed by the Registrar, who is in charge of supervising the processes. After of enrolling, the student can get there from the registrar. The processes for the grading system are as follows: (1) In the existing grading system, the lecturers will input all the grades of the students using Microsoft Excel, (2) The lecturers will submit the grades of all the students for that term, (3) The registrar will encode the submitted grades in the database for ease of access such as printing if the student wants to have a copy of their grades. Now when getting the transcript of records, the students must fill out the request form. Afterwards, the registrar will summarize the grades of the student who requested for a copy of the transcript of records.

III. Statement of the Problem
The Proponents would like to enhance the current enrollment system of Informatics College Manila. The proponents intend to include a validation and grading system that would improve the current enrollment system. A. General Problem

The Problem that the proponents of this study would like to address is to enhance the current Enrollment System of Informatics College Manila by including a subject validation and grading system that will lessen the workload of the Informatics College Manila Registrar and lecturers.

B. Specific Problem

The proponents have determined the following areas:

1. Problem: The workload of the registrar and lecturers are increasing resulting to inaccuracy in the students grades.

Cause: At present there is an increase in the number of students in Informatics College Manila. With the increase of the number of students per lecturer, grading each student accurately using Microsoft Excel...
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