“Integration of Development Communication to Independent Films”

Topics: Independent film, Art film, Sundance Film Festival Pages: 8 (1533 words) Published: December 9, 2012
“INTEGRATION of development communication to independent films”

|Topical Points |Points of Discussion | | “Disproving Myths, Creating |First of all I would like to thank my Idol, in a major major way, Mr. Clodualdo “doy” del mundo, for inviting me | |Legends” |here, in your Media and Society Class ... Maraming salamat po Sir Doy... | | | | | |And to all the Communication Arts students, Animo La Salle! Magandang Hapon sa inyong Lahat! | | | | | |Being invited in this forum is both pleasing and challenging. As a development communication graduate, I can only| | |surmise that it is my duty to bring the importance of media and communication in education and the youth’s | | |appreciation of the Filipino culture. | | | | | |At the onset, I will be sharing my experience and insights on the meshing of development communication in the | | |rising age of independent film through time. | | | | | |Whereas, at the latter part, I will be discussing The Pinoy Viewer Across Key Areas. | | | | | |Kapag umuuwi tayao ng bahay or once nagkaroon ng access sa internet anong ginagawa natin...? | | | | | |Ano ang inilalagay natin sa status natin? | | | | | |But, have we ever checked about the status of Juan de la Cruz’s population? (click) | | | | | |Ilan na nga bang bahagdan ng ating mga kababayan ang lubusang naghihirap? | | | | | |I la-like mo ba ang status nila? Or i a unlike, so to speak? (click- media) | | |In the contemporary society, it is media that most often act as the bridge between’s people’s private lives and | | |their relation to the public world. That it is, people learn about their place in larger society through mass | | |media....
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