Integration of Bim and Gis

Topics: Building Information Modeling, Geographic information system, Computer graphics Pages: 2 (456 words) Published: April 29, 2013
1. Buildings cannot be used for their intended purpose without utilities. Maintenance workflows require work to be performed from the inside and outside of the buildings. The inside information can be extracted from a fully built building information model, and the outside information can be extracted from a Geographical Information System (GIS) map. 2. As Facility Management requires building information including mechanical, electrical and plumbing (MEP) from both insides the building and the network information outside the building, besides the 3D building model, it is necessary to for the facility management staff to have access for the 3D model of the outside, such as underground pipe systems and the data behind the model before performing any maintenance work. The integration of BIM and GIS can avoid digging in the ground without clear understanding of the location and size of the underground conditions such as incognizant gas lines, which may cause disasters. 3. The approach of integration can be divided into the following stages. 4. Stage 1: Data collection

Collect building CAD drawings and GIS datasets from corresponding departments. 5. Stage 2: Data processing and model building
Based on the CAD drawings, check the accuracy of the as-build drawings and rebuild the BIM model in Revit (Figure 2). Clean up the Shape files in ArcMap and ArcCatalog, check corresponding attribute fields and export the data related to the interested building (Figure 3). As the datasets always cover a much bigger area, for the performance of the next step, only the information nearby the interested building is selected and exported for the export to C3D. 6. Stage 3: Different platform integration

Export the Revit Model in adsk format which can be imported into C3D, import the adsk file and the shp file into C3D. Before exporting and importing, set and check the geographic coordinate system in Revit and ArcMap to make sure the datasets share the same...
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