Integrating Social Media Into Traditional Marketing

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Yvette Eisenhart

Kaplan University

GB601: MBA Capstone

Unit 2 Assignment

Integrating Social Media into Traditional Marketing



Effective marketing is a requirement for successful market saturation. There are many marketing avenues available for companies to utilize including social media. Most companies use a variety of advertising outlets at once to reach a larger audience; this is called a media mix (Cadotte, 2003). Social media trends have grown tremendously over the past few years and many companies now utilize this avenue of marketing. This paper will discuss leading edge trends in integrating social media into traditional marketing and advertising campaigns. Additionally, this paper will discuss the market segments of the Marketplace simulation and make recommendations for incorporating social media into the market segments.

Integrating Social Media into Traditional Marketing

One of the biggest challenges a company faces is how to market their product. Once a target market is identified it is then necessary to do market research to identify key factors of the market including competitors and demographic information. Planning an advertising campaign involves deciding on where to run your advertisements and how often to run them. The goal of the marketing campaign is to reach the largest audience possible (Cadotte, 2003). A marketing strategy must consider how many people are going to see the advertisement to determine if it is cost effective.

Selecting a marketing avenue that will reach your target market is important. A good example of this would be if a company is marketing fishing poles they would not want to advertise in Vogue magazine. Obviously the target market for fishing poles is probably not reading Vogue magazine. A better choice for this company would be Field and Stream magazine. Not all products are this easy to determine a marketing strategy for.

There are many marketing avenues available such as magazines, newspapers, television, radio, and social media. Traditionally companies utilized avenues such as magazines, newspapers’, and televisions but advancements in technology have opened up an entire new marketing arena. Social media has become the new popular method of marketing and has opened up many doors for companies to read their target markets. Social media provides a very large area to utilize for brand awareness and market saturation. Most consumers use some sort of social media whether it’s Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or MySpace. Research shows that 70% of adults use some type of social media (Melodika, 2012). Additionally, 88% of businesses utilize social media for advertising (Melodika, 2012). Having such a large audience is beneficial for marketing campaigns for obvious reasons, because it reaches a large amount of people. The large audiences received on social media sites are also very easy to monitor and research (Whaling, 2011). Consumers have the ability to “like” an ad or to comment on an ad which gives valuable feedback to the company to use in implementing future ad campaigns (Whaling, 2011). The feedback can be used to see what ad campaigns are effective and which ones are not and what customers are asking for and valuing the most about your product.

Integrating social media into traditional marketing and advertising campaigns can provide a leading edge trend in marketing. There are several ways in which a company can successfully integrate social media into their marketing mix. It is necessary to ensure that you are providing enough information for consumers to be able to get the product they want. Carefully planning your social media ad is important (Jansen, 2011). The ad must provide sufficient information but should not contain too much information to overwhelm the consumer. Include social blog keys...
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