Integrated Plant Survey

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The integrated plant survey was conducted at King James Processed Meat Products located at Pinalad Road in Pasig City.The off campus Integrated Plant Survey was conducted to expose a group of students assigned to the company, on the various managerial aspects of actual meat processing operations and enable them to apply the theories and principles of the four core managerial functions learned in the 20 weeks training program. With this in mind, the students realizes the value of an Integrated Plant Survey, specifically the opportunity to broaden ones knowledge on the various aspects of the meat processing through an exposure to a plant operations survey.

Purpose of the report

This report primarily aims to apply and link the knowledge, principles and theories learned in the UP ISSI Managers course in an actual business environment, Equipped with these learnings and member’s individual experiences, the group aims to present an evaluation and assessment of the existing conditions of King James Processed Meat Products. It involves the review of both strong points (strength) as well as the business deficiencies (weaknesses) in the four core managerial functions namely: marketing, Operations, Personnel and finance. In this report the group will attempt to identify where the company is weak and define the existing deficiencies and indicate the priority in finding the solutions. This report shall detect which shortcomings can be overcome through concerted effort of the company’s management and its personnel, either independently or through external assistance to properly address and solve the some of identified problem/s.


A. Interviews

An ocular inspection of the Processing plant was done twice , the 1st plant visit was done May 30 and the 2nd plant visit was conducted June 6. During these visits, the group collected information/data through interviews conducted with the key informants – the owner, the production and operation head and person in charge of payroll, recruitment and administration.

B. Observations

Through the plant visit, the group was able to inspect the company’s processing plant located at Pinalad Road in Pasig City. The owner and the production manager guided the group during the plant visit on the processing plant where all their meat products are processed. A documentation of the actual plant site is also done to record the processes the company does.

C. Analysis

Through the groups concerted effort for data gathering, interview, research, observation, and group discussion, the group’s analysis of these information include the reviewing, comparing, interpreting and putting them together.

D. Summary Evaluation

A summary evaluation of the managerial function was done in order to address and pinpoint which of the areas of concerns should be prioritized in the drawing up of recommendations. These areas of concerns are being rated either as :

i. improvement necessary
ii. improvement desireable
iii. reasonable and,
iv. satisfactory.

E. Recommendation

Recommendations were drawn upon from the data and information analysis. The group will try to address existing problems and deficiencies and propose courses of actions to resolve them. On the other hand, in areas where the company is strong, the group will try to further strengthen and reinforce these areas in order to maximize full potential and resilient to opportunities. These suggested solutions may be implemented upon the management’s order of priority.


1.Due to lack of documentation and archiving process the group shall provide analysis and recommendation based on the interviews, observations, review of related literature and group discussion. The company was not able to provide us with data...
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