Integrated Paper on Human Resources

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Crystal Littrell
June 3, 2012
Integrative Paper on Human Resources

Finding the right employee is something all organizations struggle with. Human being’s posse different personalities and cultures as well as organizations. Everyone has their own viewpoint about what they desire, what they expect from their employee/employer, and what is expected from them. Each HR department is structured based on the strategic plan and goals of the company. Some are motivated by quality while others are motivated by cost. In either case, each department has their own method of recruiting, selecting, training, and appraising their employees or potential employees. The following paper will analyze how Rick’s Barbecue recruits, selects, trains, and appraises their employees as well has give suggestions on improvements that can be made. Recruiting

Rick’s Barbecue is a fast food restaurant with 6 different entities that employee around 135 people. The company currently has no HR department and all of the hiring selection is done by the owner. Most of thier employees are younger than the age of 25 and work part-time. The company has a couple of ways of recruiting qualified employees. One is through a message center the company displays at each location that advertises when help is needed; another is through job boards at local colleges. A lot of the recruiting is also done by current employees who have friends that want to work for Rick’s. The company also likes to promote from within when possible and make managers out of their employees.

Their most successful recruiting tool has been the job boards at local colleges. Many college students want a part job to help them pay for expenses while they are attending school. Since 70% of Rick’s employees are part-time workers that offer a flexible schedule, college students are a perfect fit. Hiring friends of employee’s has also proved to be successful as long as they are working at different entities.

Even though the hiring of friends has proven to be successful in many cases it also proven to be a weakness. This is why it was stated in the previous paragraph, “as long as they are at different entities.” The company has experienced problems with employees that are “good friends” creating a buddy system to cover mistakes, thief, someone not pulling their weight, and more. Promoting within has also proven not to be the best method to obtain quality management. As mentioned earlier, most of the employees are under the age of 25 and even though they may have worked for Rick’s a couple of years, does not mean they are mature enough to manage employees their own age. Recommendations

To improve their recruiting efforts, Rick’s needs to first of all implement a recruiting metrics to measure how effective their recruiting efforts are. This will help the company measures which avenues of recruitment are working and which are not. Next, they should look at other fast food chains with similar strategic plans and evaluate the success of their recruiting efforts. Learn from those companies what works and what does not work and use the most effective recruiting process. In recruiting management, Rick’s can use newspapers and the internet to find quality managers. The company can provide a link from their web page that list the jobs needing filled and the qualifications for those jobs. The company’s website is also a good way to let potential employees learn about the company’s mission, values, and goals. If utilized, the Rick’s BBQ website would be the most effective avenue for screening employees as well as administering test used during the hiring process. Another way to find quality restaurant managers is to pull from other restaurants. Having restaurant management experience is always a plus and many qualified working managers are looking for a change. There are several recruiting avenues that have not been explored that would be useful to Rick’s. Selection

The selection process...
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