Integrated Marketing Plan Example

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Integrated Marketing Communications

Client: HTC x Microsoft HTC HTC takes pride in their contribution to the growth and capabilities of smartphone technology, having invested in a team of highly talented Research & Development (R&D) professionals and pioneering many state-of-the-art innovations and world-class designs for smart-phones.

“HTC's mission is to become the leading innovative supplier of mobile information and communication devices by providing value-added design, world-class manufacturing and logistic and service capabilities.”

Microsoft and the Windows Operating System for Smart-phones Unlike most smartphone creators, Microsoft has been doing things a little differently- by collaborating with notable brands and introducing their operating system (OS) to the market under devices by brands like HTC, Dell, Samsung and LG.

Microsoft developed the Windows Phone 7, a mobile operating system that was launched in Singapore, as well as Europe, Australia and New Zealand on October 21, 2010.

Nokia has also announced their partnership with Microsoft in February 2011, also stating that they plan to phase out the existing Symbian OS on all Nokia phones, replacing them with the Windows OS.

The New Product by HTC and Microsoft HTC has worked with Microsoft to create a brand new phone. The phone works on a new Windows operating system, called the Windows Infinite, successor to the Windows 7. With Microsoft's latest development, HTC has created a state of the art device, offering users a device that is fast, reliable, strong and with fresh new features like its projector function and 12MG Camera with HD video-recording capabilities.

Client Brief 1. To propose branding for the device, which has not been named. 2. To come up with an integrated marketing communications plan to:

• •

Introduce the product on a global scale. Position and sell the product in the local market.

Market Situational Analysis The smart-phone market in Singapore Singapore has the largest percentage of people using smart-phones in South-East Asia. According to a recent study by Nielson (24 May 2011), smart-phone ownership in Singapore stood at 46% of consumers at the end of year 2010.

The study also showed that the largest age group of Singaporeans using smart-phones are those aged 35 to 39, with 59% of them using smart-phones. Runners up age groups 25 to 29 and 30 to 34 years old with both groups having 51% of them using smart-phones.

In addition to this, Nielsen has also predicted that the usage of smart-phones will continue to rise in the coming years due to the significant buying interest in the local market. 58% of people aged 45 to 49, and 49% of youths under 20 years old has shown interest in buying a smart-phone. These numbers mean four out of ten Singaporeans are interested in buying a smart-phone in 2011.

Smartphone trends Apps: Made popular and favorable amongst consumers by Apple are phone apps. An article by Mashable actually suggested that the fall of Blackberry could be due to their devices' incapabilities to support a large portion of apps available to other smartphone users.

Users on other operating systems have their own “app marketplace”, where they can browse through the apps available and download or purchase apps made compatible for their device. Eg. Nokia's Ovi store and Apple's App Store.

The Android OS market share has seen rapid growth, and this could be attributed to it’s quick and accessible widgets, customization, and it’s application marketplace which rivals that of Apple’s App Store.

Effortless and Efficient Communication: BlackBerry has established themselves as providers of devices that serve as the ultimate work companion, with the best mobile email capabilities.

Apart from the push-mail function, which delivers your emails to your phone as long as a network service is present, BlackBerry users can communicate with other BlackBerry users for free using the...
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