Integrated Marketing Communications Plan - Brand's Chicken Essence

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BUS 336
Integrated Marketing Communications

Integrated Marketing Communications Plan

Table of Contents
Executive Summary 4
1Marketing Objectives6
1.1 Marketing Objectives6
1.2Sales / Profits71.3 Market Share7
1.4Long Term Potential8
1.5Positioning Objectives8

2Target Market & Action Objectives9
2.1Primary Target Market9
2.2Secondary Target Market9
2.3Purchase Behaviour of Both Market Segments10
2.4Action Objectives12

3Marketing Communication Objectives13
3.1Category Needs13
3.2 Brand Awareness14
3.3Brand Attitude15
3.4 Purchase Intention16
3.5Purchase Facilitation16

4Communication & Positioning Strategies18
4.1Communication Strategies18
4.2Brand Positioning Strategies19
4.3Creative Strategies20

5Media Selection22
5.2Communication Effects22
5.3Target Market Actions23
5.4Annual Budgets24

6Media Schedules25
6.2Reach and Readership25
6.3Target Audience Rating Point 25

7Campaign Monitoring & Evaluation26
7.1What will be measured?26
7.2When will they be measured?26
7.3How will it be measured?27


Executive Summary

Brand’s ® aims to increase its current recognition level from 20% to 50% in the health industry market and 25% of top-of-mind awareness (TOMA) among children from five years old to 12 years old and their parents by 28 April 2010. Brand’s ® aims to sustain brand loyalty of the primary target market as their young age presents a long consumer life cycle which will be beneficial both short and long term. Ultimately, Brand’s ® aims to achieve a two folds profit margin and 40% of the market share for Brand’s Essence of Chicken for Children, age group ranging from five years old to 12 years old, by 31 March 2010.

The communication strategy will take on multiple medias, such as television commercials for ‘above-the-line’ advertising and prints for ‘below-the-line’ advertising, to engage brand awareness and recognition. The broadcast and print vehicles will be specifically targeted to the behaviours and lifestyles of the primary and secondary market, such as commercials within cartoon and educational programmes for the children, and sales promotions and transit advertising for the parents. Visuals, attractive icons and images will be the methods used to engage attention of the primary target market. Technological prizes and ‘cool’ gifts will create a buzz for the young children to tap into as a social interest worthy of spending time and money in. Value-oriented sales and informative advertisements of the target product will be the key drivers to motivate the purchasing behaviour of the secondary target market. Brand’s ® will also emphasis on brand equity and create a positive product attitude of better meeting of consumer’s expectations.

The plan’s main motivation is to influence consumer expectations and develop positive attitudes and experiences towards Brand’s ® and its products through the channels of publicity, promotion and advertising, as well as through cultural learning.

The advertising plan adopts a pulsing advertising schedule to cater to specific periods of the consumer’s media-consuming and product-purchasing behaviour. Heavy frequency of advertisement during high consumption periods will complement moderate frequency of advertisement throughout the campaign to classical condition Brand’s ® to the consumer’s evoked set, leading to increase brand recall and purchasing of the product. Continuous advertising via the Internet will be implemented to enable constant repetition of the Brand’s ® name and its products. 1Marketing...
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