Integrated Marketing Communications

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Integrated Marketing Communication
Assignment 1


1. EXECUTIVE SUMMARY______________________________2
2. INTRODUCTION__________________________________ ___3

3. ANALYSIS___________________________________________5
a) ADVANTAGES OF IMC___________________________6
b) DISADVANTAGES OF IMC________________________7

4. CONCLUSION________________________________________8
5. REFERRENCES_______________________________________9


Purpose: The objective of this research paper was to provide insight about the emergence of IMC, the importance of IMC, evidence that IMC is being adopted by corporations and the advantages/disadvantages of IMC

Design/Methodology/Approach: Using research material and cross comparison. Findings: Through research it can be proven that corporations, mainly in USA, favor to adopt the IMC concept. Small and medium sized companies have been the fore-runners adopting the IMC because they do not have a complex or diver marketing activity. IMC approach has been proven to be an effective way of arranging promotional mix activities as it integrates them together.

Research Limitations: None

Paper Type: Research Paper (Assignment for MKT 304 Advertising and Promotions Abu Dhabi University)

The Marketing Concept has been constantly changing over many decades in the history business where it started from Production Concept, Product Concept, Selling Concept and finally the last stage which was the Marketing Concept. Many researchers argue that Marketing Concept was the final stage in the evolutionary stages of Marketing where many marketers developed a fixed Marketing Plan or Campaign for their companies to deliver values to their customers and make profits in the process.

However, recent arguments suggest that due to the dynamic changes taking place in the business environment today, traditional methods of marketing no longer has the capacity to influence consumers like it used to do before. For example, some of the traditional tools marketers used to convey their message to final consumers were either T.V., radio broadcasting or newspapers. With the technological advances mankind has seen, these traditional have seen a drastic drop in influence rate and exposures when compared to the past statistics.

The main technological advance that has changed the “rules of the game” was the Internet. The internet has contributed to the rise of Internet based firm where they have completely changed the way of marketing products and services to the final consumers. This has spawned a new concept of Integrated Marketing Communication (hereby referred to as IMC) where companies have moved away from the traditional marketing approach to a more integrated and strategic Marketing Plan where all marketing functions is drawn together into a unified process with a mixture of traditional and modern media. -------------------------------------------------

Traditionally marketers used to advertise on T.V., radios or newspapers hoping that one type of media will create exposure, awareness and persuasion so that desired results can be achieved along with the objectives of creating brand image, brand loyalty and eventually leading to brand equity. But with IMC, the overall marketing function of a company is fused together with objectives and has become very popular and common among corporate companies. For example, (Cornelissen and Lock, 2001) state that, “Since the 1990’s, the “integration” of communications has become the central theme in corporate and marketing communications”. To further support the evolution and popularity of the IMC concept, (Duncan and Everett, 1993) suggests that, “The premise if integrated marketing communications (IMC) is to create consistency and synergy by combining marketing communication elements so that they support and enhance other, thus avoiding potential conflicts”. *...
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