Integrated Marketing Communications

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  • Published: March 27, 2011
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- Journal of Arts Science & Commerce

ISSN 2229-4686


ROLE OF INTEGRATED MARKETING COMMUNICATION IN MODERN INDIAN BUSINESS Dr. Surendra Sisodia Editor- Share Journal of Multidisciplinary Research and Studies, Jaipur (India) Mr. Narendra Telrandhe, Assistant Professor, MGV’s Institute of Management & Research, Nashik (India)

ABSTRACT The present paper torches upon the emergence of integrated marketing communications (IMC) that has significantly influenced thinking and acting among all types of companies and organizations facing the realities of competition in the present open economy. It has been proved as an efficient promotional tool to communicate more universally, clear, and effectively. The paper put lights on various facets of Integrated Marketing Communication (IMC) especially in Indian Business Scenario. The challenges and scopes of IMC with the context of strategies, implementation, and audit have also been discussed. Keywords : Integrated Marketing, Social networking, Indian Business

Introduction: In today’s ever changing “Nanosecond Culture” of social networks, empowered customers and hyper competition, we need to be prepared to immediately implement holistic thinking for our marketing and communications strategy. With an increase in global competition, technological advances, and fast informed customers, it is important for businesses to make a powerful impact on target audiences and markets. Integrated Marketing Communication (IMC) is one of the most important communications trends adopted all over. It is one such step toward an integrated approach to achieving efficiency by synergy.The emergence of this concept has become one of the most significant examples of development in the marketing discipline. It has influenced thinking and acting among companies but also authorities, state owned companies and political parties, all facing the realities of competition in an open economy. The concept of IMC As a...
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