Integrated Marketing Communications

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Integrated Marketing Communication

Definition of Integrated Marketing Communications

A concept of marketing communications planning that recognizes the added value of a comprehensive plan that evaluates the strategic roles of a variety of communication disciplines and combines these disciplines to provide clarity,consistency and maximum communications impact.

A marketing communications planning concept that recognizes the value of a comprehensive plan.

A plan that evaluates the strategic roles of several communications disciplines:

▪ Media advertising

▪ Direct marketing

▪ Interactive/internet marketing

▪ Sales promotion

▪ Publicity/Public relations

Combines the disciplines to provide:

▪ Clarity

▪ Consistency

▪ Maximum communications impact

The Marketing & Promotional Mixes

Marketing Mix:

• Product or Service

• Pricing

• Channels of Distribution

• Promotion

Promotional Mix:

• Advertising

• Direct Marketing

• Interactive/internet marketing

• Sales Promotion

• Publicity/Public Relations

• Personal Selling


Communication Levels

Corporate Level

Messages sent by a company’s overall business practices

and philosophies such as mission, labor practices,

philanthropies, culture and other processes

Marketing Level

Messages sent by or inferred from by various aspects of marketing mix such as product performance, design, appearance, pricing and distribution

Marketing Communication Level

Strategic and executional consistency among all forms of marketing communication

Reasons For Growing Importance of IMC

Shift from media advertising to other forms of marketing communication

Movement away from advertising focused- approaches that emphasize mass media

Shift in power from manufacturers to retailers

Rapid growth of database marketing

Demands for greater ad agency accountability

Changes in agency compensation

Rapid growth of the Internet

Increasing importance of branding




The Marketing Plan

A document that describes the overall marketing strategy and programs developed for a company, product or brand. The plan includes:

1. A detailed situation analysis

2. Specific marketing objectives

3. A marketing strategy and program that includes selection of a target market and plans for marketing mix elements

4. A program for implementing the strategy

5. A process for monitoring and evaluating performance

Situation Analysis

Internal Factors

' Assessment of the firm’s promotional organization and capabilities

' Review of the firm’s previous promotional programs

' Assessment of firm or brand image and implications for promotion

' Assessment of relative strengths and weaknesses of product/service

External Factors

' Customer analysis

' Competitive analysis

' Environmental analysis

IMC Program Situation Analysis
External Factors

Environmental analysis

' TechnologicalPolitical/Legal

' DemographicSocio/Cultural

' Economic

Competitive Analysis

' Direct and indirect competitors

' Position relative to competitors

' Size of competitors’ advertising/promotional budgets

' IMC strategies being used by competitors

Customer Analysis

• Who buys our product or service?

• Who initiates and makes the decision to purchase and who influences the process?

• How is the purchase decision made?

• What attributes or criteria are important to customers?

• What are customers’ perceptions of and attitudes toward our company, product/service or brands?

• What factors...
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