Integrated Marketing Communication Plan on Maruti Suzuki Swift

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* Topic:
* Integrated Marketing Communication Plan on Maruti Suzuki Swift * Introduction:
The king of hatchback segment in India named Swift with a label of leading four-wheeler passenger car since the beginning of their manufacturing come underneath the heading of most trusted company namely Maruti Suzuki India Ltd. The company commenced in 1983 with the undertaking to motorize India, since then they never looked back and grew progressively to the leading company in the hatchback segment. The company is an ancillary of Suzuki Motor Corporation, Japan with a 47% market share in passenger car in India and sales over 1.13 million cars sold in domestic market yearly in the year 2012 as well as exports more than 50,000 cars (Maruti Suzuki reaches 10 million domestic sales milestone', 2012). The swift was launched in May 2005 having six variants available in petrol and diesel engine with a view to strike in the hatchback segment. “You’re the fuel” These are the words or the tagline that has been used for describing the fuel efficient over and above the value for money car (TaglineDB, n.d.). * Agenda:

The report has focused on Maruti swift and for this we have used the RABOSTIC model that goes through the ladder of setting up and incorporated marketing development method. The name RABOSTIC is an acronym created by the subsequent elements: * Research and analysis,

* Audiences
* Budget
* Objectives
* Strategy, Tactics
* Implementation and Control (B&O, 2009).

* Research and Analysis:
This element of RABOSTIC model is used to evaluate the present circumstances of the brand and its company by glancing at tribulations, opportunities that are available in future, and an understanding of its market (B&O, 2009). The SWOT analysis has been done for the better understanding of the market for the Maruti Swift that are as follows: * Strengths:

* Mileage and Low maintenance cost:
Consumers consider mileage as well as the maintenance cost. In today’s scenario of mounting diesel and petrol prices mileage turns out to be an even more imperative exclusivity. Fuel competence of a car is highly demanded by middle class people in India.

* Brand identification and coalition:

Customers resemble to be connected with a recognized brand. It provides them a sense of security that has become strength for Maruti swift for their existence brand image of the company amongst consumers that is high level of reliability and trust.

* Resale value:
The perception of the Indian people is that they tend to change cars after a certain period of time which depends on numerous factors. Therefore an elevated resale price is what consumers gaze for and Maruti swift gives this.

* Weaknesses:

When we talk about the weaknesses of the Maruti swift, it has got limited weaknesses as it is one of the most preferable cars in India because of its uniqueness in terms of the services and the features provided by them. But the major drawback is a fewer occurrence in the global market that people outside India wish less to buy swift in comparison to other cars (SWOT ANALYSIS,2011).

* Opportunities:

* Speedy mounting automobile market:

The automobile industry in India is one of the leading businesses in the world and the best ever budding business. India’s commercial vehicle and passenger car manufacturing industry is ranked at number six spot in one of the leading industries in the world, with a yearly 9 million unit’s production in 2011. So Maruti swift has got a immense opportunity to strike to this level in the future.

* Increasing purchasing power parity:

The disposable income of the common man in India is escalating at a faster rate with an every year passing away. Due to this has increased the purchasing power of the people in India and can be a valuable tool for Maruti Swift in the future to prosper and grow.

* Growth in diesel car segment:

In India due...
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