Integrated Marketing Communication

Topics: Sexual intercourse, Decision making, Marketing Pages: 11 (2430 words) Published: December 9, 2012
The course work of Integrated Marketing Communications

By: Ijjat Budhathoki
IBC, 2011
Kolding, Denmark

Main Page:

Date to hand in Coursework:16/12/2011
Coursework Supervisor:Morten Kier
Total Words: 1975
Subject: 366MKT

International Business Academy Kolding, Denmark


Coursework prepared by: Ijjat Budhathoki
Student Nr: 113795
Class: KSIBA11BA1

Table of Contents:

Titles Page Nr.
Cover page 1
Main page 2
Table of contents 3

1. Introduction 4

2. The commercial ad of Saravana Jewelry 4
3.1 Description of commercial ad 4
3.2 Elaboration on attention generating devices used 5 3.3 Effectiveness 5
3.4.1 The impact of involvement on Hierarchy model 6 3.4.2 The DMU model 6
3.4.3 AIDA model 7 Awareness 8 Interest 8 Desires 8 Action 8
3.4 Sub-conclusion 8

3. The commercial ad of Skin Condom 9
4.5 Description of commercial ad 9
4.6 Elaboration on attention generating devices 9
4.7 Effectiveness10
4.8.4 PRESTCOM model analysis 11
4.8 Sub-Conclusion 12

4. Conclusion 13

5. Bibliography 14

1. Introduction
This is the coursework of Integrated Marketing Communications. This coursework is mainly related about the commercial ads and its attention generating devices.

I have chosen 2 different commercial ads for my coursework. These are as follows,

* The ad of Saravana Jewellery
* The ad of Skin condom

2. The commercial of Saravana Jewellery

The Link for this commercial is

2.1 Description
This is an Indian commercial for Saravana Jewellery shop. In this commercial a lady model is taking one stick and painting or designing different types of gold jewelry. In this ad they are trying to focus on showing the consumers which different well designed jewelry they can buy according to their desires and needs at Saravana Jewellery shop.

2.2 Elaboration on attention generating devices used in ad In this ad the attending devices used are,

* Celebrity
* Designed
* Colour

* Celebrity
This ad shows a talented and beautiful Indian film actress Shriya Saran. She is a very famous actress in South Indian movies and has won many awards. Using celebrity always creates attention with viewers and viewers are more interested in knowing about the product or what type of ad is. Viewers would like to do or want to be the same as their idol or wear and use what they are wearing and using.

* Designed and Colour
The ad shows the well designed different types of gold jewelry and also focusing one specific yellow color. Because the yellow gold is very famous (buyers think and believe that yellow gold is pure gold) in the South Asian market as well others Asian countries.


* Clow, E. K. & Baack, D.4th edn. 'Types of Advertising Appeals'. in. : , 177-191) * Pickton, D & Broderick, A. 2nd edn. 'Attention-generating devices in marketing communications'. in. : , 89

2.3 Effectiveness

2.4.1 The impact of involvement on hierarchy-of-effect models This is high involvement product as well very expensive goods. Think – about the available different types of jewelry
Feel – to compare the available alternatives and prioritize the ranking of jewelry Do – buy the priority ranking jewelry

(Sources: Pickton, D. & Broderick, A. 2nd edn. 'The impact of involvement on Hierarchy-of-effect Models'. in. : , 82)

2.4.2 The decision making unit





This is the figure of decision making unit. This...
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