Integrated Lesson Plan

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Integrated Lesson Plan:
Mitosis & Meiosis

• The constructivist model of my Mitosis vs. Meiosis Lesson satisfies all three of the Science & Technology competencies for the Cycle one Secondary level. Its affirmation that knowledge is a construction of the human mind and is acquired based on previous experiences is complementary to the required competencies that must be met in the S&T profile of the QEP.

1. Seeks answers or solution to scientific and technological problems. 2. Makes the most of his/her knowledge of science and technology. 3. Communicates in the languages used in science and technology.

• The constructivist model facilitates the realization of the aforementioned competencies with the integration of technology specifically in the following ways: o By fostering creative problem solving and metacognition through divergent thinking (competency 1) o By helping build mental models and increase knowledge transfer (competency 2) o By fostering group cooperation (competency 3)

The Constructivist Model & The QEP

Rather than teach students a specific basic skill set that will most likely become obsolete, the constructivist model allows students to generate their own knowledge from their own experiences and essentially to teach themselves how to learn. EX Students must use their problem solving skills not only to figure out how the interactive quiz works, but also to figure out the answers to the questions using previous knowledge. • They will not be forced to take what the teacher tells them for granted, but will be able to learn through inquiry, exploration and through discussions with peers. EX The students will be given useful links on the handout at the beginning of class that can provide further knowledge and exploration on the topics of Mitosis & Meiosis. • Where directed learning fails to provide students with unpredictable, relevant and interesting forms of instruction, constructivism does not. The inquiry and group-based learning allows students to solve their own problems and discover their own knowledge out of the information they receive from resources and peers alike. • Rather than remedying weaknesses by teaching mastery skills to each individual, constructivism allows students to become well rounded and familiar with many different skills. This is more beneficial for future education where students will no doubt have to use a multitude of different skills to succeed. EX Students must not only navigate through the links given and through the designated activity, but must learn to work cohesively in a group, a skill that is extremely important in life.

Why Constructivism?

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Dewey believed that learning should be integrated and not isolated. By teaching topics that have no relation to each other, students are not able to create a greater understanding of the information that they are learning. This is why it is beneficial to teach not as though education is an end, but as though it is a means towards future learning outside of the classroom. In accordance with Dewey, working in groups and having inquiry based discussions and field trips to science exhibits allows the students to exercise essential problem-solving social and social skills, which Dewey believes outweigh separate mastery skills of any one area. Concerning Mitosis & Meiosis, it is a topic that is not only an essential knowledge, but one that students are quite interested in as well. The Social Activism Theory is a great proponent of students guiding their own curriculum through interests, and I chose the topic after conducting a survey of what my students would prefer to learn about for the QEP mandatory Living Things Unit.

Why the Social Activism Theory?

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Essential Knowledge: The Living World

• Diversity of Life Forms...
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