Integrated Essay - Rabbit Proof Fence, a Righteous Day, Journey to the Interior

Topics: Rabbit-Proof Fence, First-person narrative, Barbed wire Pages: 2 (739 words) Published: October 29, 2012
All journeys require a strong sense of ones humanity in order to be successful. In ken Watsons anthology “at the round Earth imagined corners” ‘A righteous day by Mudrooroo and Journey to the interior’ by Margret Atwood and as well as the film ‘Rabbit Proof Fence’ by Phillip Noyce have all expanded my understanding of journeys to myself individuals and the world. Through these texts we can observe different aspects of a journey. Journeys are essential in life because they teach us to overcome adversity thus strengthening out sense of spirit, that journeys can be mentally or physiologically challenging that they confront our sanity and journeys physically and mentally strengthening us as human being helping us discover who we really are.

In Ken Watsons Anthology “At the round earths imagined corners the aspect of journeys expanding ones knowledge of themselves, individuals and the world is explored through the poem “ A righteous day” by Mudrooroo, it illuminates that journeys are essential in life to overcome adversity thus strengthening our sense of spirit. This is shown through the quote “protecting my wrists from the slashes of insecurity” this personification in the phrase slashes of insecurity” conveys personal attitudes towards the propaganda faced by aboriginals, which is supposed to placate him from experiencing his feeling of grief and anger. Here the port also alludes to the high rates of aboriginal suicide in prison. Similarly, this point is explored thought the cinematic technique of a long shot of the view of the rabbit proof fence fading into the distance, this represent the long distance of the journey ahead and emphasises the harsh environment of the Australian dessert, the reoccurring motif of the barb wire fence represents the isolation and exclusion of the aboriginal people. Both uses of techniques show the expanding understand of how journeys can be emotional and cultural as well as relating the individuals reaction to the world around them....
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