Integers and V. Tenant Boarder

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Section B: Language
1. The style of the story is informal (short direct sentences) and detailed (explained everything to the point).

2. The tone of the sort is casual. The writer talks about his “homeboys” and back rooms.

3. “Dictionary”
I. Tenant – renter, leaseholder, lessee, boarder, lodger, roomer, payer, remunerator II. Intrigue – machination, plot, secret plan, game, fascinate III. Audacity – audacious, nerve, courage, temerity, boldness, hardihood, hardness, daring IV. Oblivious – unmindful, incognizant, unaware, forgetful, inattentive, ignorant

4. “Contextually appropriate”
V. Tenant – boarder
VI. Intrigue – fascinate
VII. Audacity – nerve
VIII. Oblivious – incognizant

5. Answer
IX. Understand – prefix “un”
X. Until – none
XI. Unlike – prefix “un”
XII. Underling – none
XIII. Unfortunately – prefix “un”

6. Answer:
XIV. Nouns
i. Mimmy – proper noun
ii. Friend – common noun
iii. Homeboys – collective noun
XV. Verbs
iv. jogged
v. saw
vi. chat
XVI. Adjectives
vii. young
viii. navy
ix. noisy
XVII. Adverbs
x. talking
xi. gradually
xii. chatting
XVIII. Articles
xiii. that
xiv. the
xv. a
XIX. Punctuations
xvi. comma
xvii. exclamation mark
xviii. full stop
XX. Conjunctions
xix. and
xx. or
xxi. but
XXI. Pronouns
xxii. I
xxiii. we
xxiv. her
XXII. Adverbial phrase
xxv. Don’t get me wrong here, I don’t mean that she was rude. XXIII. Prepositions
xxvi. about
xxvii. after
xxviii. along

7. Answer
XXIV. My cat is very playful.
XXV. When did he think he could afford to pay his own school fees? XXVI. These children keep making noise.
XXVII. This is great news indeed; I can’t believe I made it. XXVIII. When I was young, I used to love playing dolls. XXIX. She is an energetic young woman.
XXX. Going home now, I wish I could get there before it starts to rain. XXXI. In 1990, he led his team to glorious victory.
XXXII. Everyone has the right to live happily ever after. XXXIII. I am taking the bus to school every day.

8. Scanning

9. Skimming

10. During

Section C: Reading
1. Narrative text – This text tells a story of a boy that likes a girl and wants to get to know her.

2. Two & too
Were & where

3. Naughty is doing things wrong with the intension of doing it while mischievous is more charming and more acceptable.

4. She is a quit girl and has a planned life and knows what she want. She focuses on her priorities and do not get distracted easily. She is a girl that keeps to herself rather than being popular like the others.

5. He compares her to what normal girls her age do. The normal girls are teenagers, like to flirt with boys and impress them, but Mimmy is different and this does not bother her much.

6. He did not want the perfect friendship they had and also scared he might get rejected.

7. She also find a great friend and she did not want to spoil it. When you are more than friends, it could ruin the friendship if it does not work out.

8. The writer has certain expectations but this girl was totally different in a lot of ways. She did not do what the average girl her age does and that was intrigued by that. This also mad his more conscious as he did not know what to expect next.

9. That refers to not bothered by things you do not have much control over.

10. After

11. He is attracted to Mimmy because she is different from the others....
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