Intasc Principles

Topics: Education, Teacher, Learning Pages: 1 (392 words) Published: September 6, 2012
Trevor Sanders
INTASC Principles

I believe that the INTASC Principles are worthy standards for an exceptional teacher. They make sure that teachers know the skills that are needed to become and stay a great instructor. If one has the qualities of constantly succeeding in doing all these standards then that person will make an outstanding teacher. Making sure that the staff of a school knows what needs to be done by these principles is a great way to ensure that the teachers of today are well prepared and dedicated towards the students and others. I really like that the principles focus on making sure the environment in a school is a caring place.

The INTASC Principles are not really what a teacher should do but more of what the students need a teacher to do. There is no argument that an instructor should have knowledge of every subject which may be taught to the students of today. Teachers should be able to cooperate with almost every type of student and know how to get them to learn what is being taught. In every grade and school no student is the same. The teacher must know how to offer learning openings for any student that is eager to learn. Teachers are here to teach, not only subjects, but also lessons that involve critical thinking and how to figure out what to do in a situation in life. Educators have to be able to keep students amused and attracted in learning. If a student does not want to learn something, most likely that students will not pay attention enough to learn anything. Students need to hear, see, and occasionally do what is needed to be learned. Keeping students interactive with the material of a subject is a good way to become an inspirational teacher. When a teacher is planning a day of learning material, they must understand their surroundings and how they are going to interact with them. They must know how students like to learn and how there may be material from the past that might help them understand what is being taught later....
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