Intangible Service

Topics: Want, Delegate, Need Pages: 1 (308 words) Published: November 9, 2010
The one feature of service I would like to discuss is intangibility so let me get right to it. Service is an act that occurs in the universe. You can’t touch it, feel it, nor physically alter it. For those reasons it can be a challenge to control. Unlike adjusting ingredients in an entrée to make it taste better, or making rooms bigger to accommodate guests, service cannot be fixed with a hammer or with some extra salt and pepper. Service is psychological; it’s the interaction between the customer and the provider. So if you want to improve the service that you give, the first place you need to look is inside the minds of your service providers. Employees that are focused and well trained will obviously put out better service. However, this is indefinite, regardless of how well you train or empower your staff members. Humans are unpredictable and ultimately do not always perform how you’d like them to. This is what makes service intangible. With that in consideration, unique skills will be required to make intangible service possible to manage. Communication is crucial in creating a good experience for the customer. The way you present yourself to a consumer is often what will make or break your desired impression. Therefore, necessary communication between the manager and employee must take place. Delegating is also important. As a manger, you need to develop enough trust within your employees so that you’re confident they can handle whatever is delegated to them and perform well during the “moments of truth” in service. Unfortunately employees are not robots; you can’t program them to say the perfect thing or predict the customers’ needs. However, with effective training, good communication, and the ability delegate, you can gear minds towards excellent service therefore controlling the intangibility of service.
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