Int Task 3, by Edward I Murray

Topics: Internal combustion engine, Petroleum, Fuel economy in automobiles Pages: 11 (3580 words) Published: December 16, 2012
By Edward I Murray WGU student

A.Project Plan/Problem Statement.

1.Problem Statement- This project is to demonstrate four procedures to increase gas mileage. 2.Relevance of question- Increase of gas mileage is the process in which one will increases the efficacy on their gas burning car. The most common way to increase gas mileage is to buy a new car, but there is three easy ways to increase gas mileage without spending the money on a new car. The first step that someone can take to increase gas mileage is to make sure all your tires are inflated to the proper PSI. The second step is to give your car a tune up and replace old or worn out parts on the engine. The third is to replace old engine oil; good rule of thumb is to replace your oil every 3000 miles. The forth is to use a programmer to reconfigure the car computer to have the engine run more efficient which in turn uses less fuel. 3. In this experiment I will be testing all three of the methods that have been given to see which is the best way to increase gas mileage is.

A1. Literature Review

1. The publication, Effect of Intake Air Filter Condition on Vehicle Fuel Economy, had some of the same findings that I have found. They found that by keeping up with maintenance tire pursier and the right lubricants can save fuel and money. They found that cars made before the 1980’s are less likely to benefit from the changes that have be discussed. The cars made after the 1980’s are more likely to benefit from the changes or the upgrades spoken about. (Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Kevin Norman, Shean Huff, Brian West 2009)

The experts at found an increase of about 10-20% in the study they have posted. I based my experiment off the finding in their study. In their study they found there is about three sure ways to increase gas mileage. The study was tested with a few different types of cars, sedan, sports car and SUV/truck. The findings all list around the same improvement in the gas mileage. The steps they took to get the increases in gas mileage were, improved air filter, improved spark plugs and improved driving habits. This study is a bit different then the way I went about conducting my experiment but reach the same conclusion. (2006-2011 Mark Gittelman) A2a. Experimental Design Plan

Make a note of how many miles you get to a full take of gas before the changes your about to make. Once you have made the changes to your car keep your same driving habits and refuel for a full tank. Run the take to empty on your gas gage in the car and compare the mileage from before the changes to after the changes. (photos on pages 15-21)

1.Collect all the tools that you will need for the experiment. You will need a spark plug remover, common hand tools, floor jack and jack stands, oil drain pan, oil filter wrench, gloves, safety glasses and a work light.

2.Collect all replacement parts, spark plugs, oil filter, x number of quarts of oil, air filter and if you choose too a programmer. (A programmer is not to be used if you are not familiar with OBD2 programmers.)

3Make sure that you have all replacement parts on had to replace the old parts with. You don’t want to be working and notice that you have not got the parts you need.

4Take your time and make sure that you count and note where every screw, nut, and bolt go and come from.

5 Make notes of everything that you remove (i.e. any trim panels or plastic covers.)

6Begin by disconnecting the negative side of the battery.

7Locate and remove all spark plugs, and replace with new spark plugs. (Spark plugs can be found on the top side of the engine, just below the fuel rail. It is important to inspect all plugs and check gap on new replacement plugs.)

8Locate the air filter box, open box and remove old filter and replace with a high flow filter....
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