Insurance Matrix

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Insurance Matrix

Type of Insurance| Functions | Example of Company| Coverage Characteristics| Auto| The function of auto insurance is to insure your vehicle and personal liability should you be involved in an at fault accident. The only part of auto insurance that is mandatory by the government is the liability portion. Liability covers the other party for both bodily injury and property damage should you be the cause of the accident.| * Geico * Allstate * Progressive| * Comprehensive * Collision * Personal Injury Protection * Medical Payments * Uninsured/Under-insured motorist * Rental Reimbursement * Roadside Assistance| Home| The basic homeowners insurance policy pays you in case of any damage due to fire, severe storms, tornados and hurricanes. Damage to your property, possessions and home are primary elements to be covered.| * American Family Insurance * State Farm * Farmers| * Liability * Property| Health| The functions of insurance related to medicine are to offset the cost of well visits, sicknesses, and major health occurrences. Health insurance pays the bulk of your medical expenses when you need treatment.| * Blue Cross/Blue Shield * Prudential * Aetna * Cigna| * Fee For Service * PPO * HMO| Disability | Disability insurance pays you a monthly benefit if you get injured and are unable to perform the normal functions of your job. These payments will continue until you are well again or until you exhaust your benefits.| * Metlife * AARP * Colonial LIfe| * Partial/Total Disability * The Elimination Period * Term Of Benefits * Non-cancelable and guaranteed renewable provisions| Life| Provide dependent survivors with a financial cushion in their bereavement. It may enable the family to maintain the same standard of living.| * New York Life * Northwestern Life * Transamerica Life| * Single Life * Joint Life...
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