Insurance Executive Summary

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  • Published : December 6, 2012
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Mission Statement –
At Bohemian Insurance we strive to provide the most cost-effective, protective and beneficiary insurance to all our fellow Czech customers. We aim to deliver out financial products at the needs of our customers in order to bless them with a safe, financial future.

Company Overview –
Bohemian Insurance was found on 01.09.2012 under a major group known as “The Bohemian Group”. The sole founder of “Bohemian Insurance” is Ashish Manoj who originates from South India. Prague was chosen as the Head Office of “Bohemian Insurance” in order to provide the citizen’s of Prague a fair, affordable protection and coverage of all their possessions. Bohemian Insurance is comprised of 125 Employees, which strive to deliver and meet all their customer’s needs, and possible wants. There will be two commercial stores located in the city of Prague in order to guide and offer quality insurance advice to any potential customers. Twelve Employees of the Bohemian Insurance work at the commercial spaces in downtown Prague to offer high quality service. The location of Bohemian Insurance offices and spaces are all under properties owned by “The Kolowrat Family”, part of Prague’s greatest novelty. As a medium sized enterprise we are hoping to offer a wide array of different insurance choices from life insurance all the way to crop insurance. Our niché is that we are offering an extremely competitive price in comparison to other insurance providers in the Czech Republic. As many of me and my “to-be” employees have experienced insurance providers that demand a price of what they do not rightly deserve and hence we strive to make a change in the Czech Republic by setting up this new company.

Services Offered –
Bohemian Insurance will cover a wide array of different insurance policies needed for the everyday Czech citizen.

Insurances Coverage’s –

Vehicle Insurance – Bohemian Insurance covers vehicle related problems for people from age 18 to age 85;...
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