Insurance and Major It-related Project

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  • Published : December 11, 2012
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9. Which kind of system (from the three worlds of IT) requires the most management attention to ensure successful acceptance and adoption? Why?
10. What unfavorable results could occur if management is not appropriately involved with IT? 11. Should it be the responsibility of IT or management to identify and define tasks for the successful introduction and adoption of a new IT system?

Action Memos
1. You are the IT division controller for a company, and you just received the following e-mail from your manager, the organization’s CFO. How do you respond? Preliminary results from the competitive analysis we commissioned show we spend 4 percent of annual revenue on IT-related expenses, while our top competitors spend just 3 percent. I’m meeting with the CEO in 10 minutes and he’s bound to ask about this. What should I say?

2. You are a member of the Human Resources Department of Belarusbank, which was described in the opening vignette of this chapter.You have experience in expediting organizational change. The vice president for bank operations wants you to give him a list of actions he should take to ensure the smooth adoption and acceptance of the new IT system. He then wants to meet with you on this subject. What actions would you identify? What are your key talking points for this meeting?

Web-Based Case
Do research on the Web to find an example of a major IT-related project in which the actions of business managers made a major difference (either favorable or unfavorable) in the outcome. Document what you think were the key actions taken by business managers, and the key missed opportunities to take action.

Case Study
The Progressive Group of Insurance Companies
Managers Leverage Ongoing IT Investments to Achieve Competitive Advantages The Progressive Group of Insurance Companies literally started from a garage. Today, it is the third largest U.S. auto insurance group in terms of net premiums written. The company sells auto insurance, other specialty...
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