Insurance and Calvin Case 1a

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  • Published : March 7, 2013
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Calvin Peters could see stars again. That was the second time during the short walk that a fit of coughing made him stop and wait for the pinpricks of light to fade from his vision. Calvin was on his way to see his girlfriend, Edwina, a second-year nursing student. Calvin knew that Edwina would nag him about going to the doctor; however, he had more important things on his mind.

A bitter fall wind was blowing and Calvin was underdressed in a thin jacket. That would make “No-Nonsense” Edwina totally pissed. But Calvin liked to dress for looks, not the weather, and Edwina could never stay mad at him for long. He smiled as he thought how he would charm her; maybe suggest that she use some of her medical expertise to “check him over". Calvin was a charmer and Edwina was crazy about him.

Calvin wasn’t employed and he wasn’t a student any longer either, having graduated with a Legal Assistant Diploma from Wellmore College the previous spring. Since then, Calvin had taken a two-month holiday “to get over being a professional student". Then, he spent the next two months “checking things out” and deciding what he did not want to do.

Some of Calvin’s classmates had grabbed jobs with big law firms right after graduation, but Calvin realized he didn’t want to be bossed around by a bunch of lawyers. Other friends had found work in business or government legal departments but Calvin didn’t envy their regular nine- to-five lifestyle. A couple had even started their own paralegal firms, but Calvin felt that they were offering too many different services to make any serious money. And money was an important part of Calvin’s plan.

Calvin did have plans. He had spent all of the last month planning and tonight he was going to share the details with Edwina. Part of the plan was to move in with Edwina; maybe even consider marriage. Her parents would go nuts but Edwina, even though she lived with them, did...
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