Insufficient Sleep Increases Possibility of Health Problems

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  • Published : March 11, 2013
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People need to sleep. Insufficient sleep increases the possibility of health problems. Average people spend one third of their entire life time on sleeping. Like eating and drinking, sleeping is instinctive. It is also, inevitably, a way to maintain our life because it restores our energy. If people don’t sleep, our metabolism will be imbalanced and could later lead to death. Researches show that adult who sleeps less than 4 hours has a higher death rate than those who sleep 7 to 8 hours. Long term of insufficient sleep kills people faster than smoking. Sleeping not only rests our body, more importantly, it rests our brain. Human’s brain is very complicated, it needs enough sleep to function regularly. Regular sleeping habit is beneficial for study. Brain enhances the function of memorizing when sleeping. Most college students are not getting enough sleep. Averagely, a student sleeps 6-7 hours or less per night. Students might not understand how sleeping impacts on human body. It not only restores our energy, it also strengthens our immune system, allows us to think clearly, balances our hormone, and therefore stables our mood. Lack of sleep leads to weight gain. When people are not having enough sleep, they wake up trying to look for higher calorie food because their hormones are messed up and their body will call out signals to store fat. Students either oversleep or fail to go to school on time or fall asleep during class time. Studies show that teens’ sleeping pattern are different than adult and children’s. Due to the hormone changes, it is harder for teens to fall asleep early. Age is a factor that influences sleeping length. Older people tend to sleep less and younger people tend to sleep more. The reason for this is because as people are getting older, their body function, metabolism will become slower. Relatively, their consumption of energy will be less. Shorter time of sleep is enough for older people to get their energy and vitality back. (Mariam)...
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