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Topics: Piano, Musical instrument, Music Pages: 2 (505 words) Published: June 7, 2008
One of the most fascinating instruments is the piano; with the piano you can get a wide range of sounds and notes. Since I was little the piano has been a part of my life, was the only instrument that I enjoyed learning how to play, I had different choices, I started with the guitar and did not like it at all, that was something that did not happened with the piano, I used to play for hours and hours everyday. I can sit on my living room and listen to CD’s of Andrea Bocelli, Raul Di Blasio, all day long. Other wonders of the piano are its versatility; you can play a classical piece to a rock song. Also it is the most familiar instrument; you can sit with you family and friends in your living room and enjoy playing and singing accompanied by the piano. I admired the way pianist can transmit emotions and art through the sounds and notes obtained from this instrument. Because of all those reasons and also because it is my favorite instrument I have chosen the piano for this report. The piano has many qualities and features, among its qualities we could include that the piano is very popular as an aid to composing and rehearsal. Another quality is that it can be a soloist's instrument or a group instrument; personally I believe that the music that comes out of a piano is therapeutic. Also the piano has a feature that not many other instruments share is that you can play more than one note at a time, it is polyphonic. Also unlike wind instruments, the piano leaves the voice free to sing along. Among the features of the piano we could include that there are many jobs and careers for pianists. One can be the piano player in a lounge, on a cruise ship, in a church, or in a band. One can be an instructor with a college or university or teach out of a home studio. One can accompany vocalists, choirs, violinists, and others as they perform for competition or for an audience. One can compose movie scores or commercial jingles or orchestral pieces. The possibilities are...
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