Instrument Landing System and Autopilot Mode Selector

Topics: Instrument landing system, Aviation terminology, Identification friend or foe Pages: 4 (920 words) Published: April 18, 2011
Altitude limitations:
* Minimum enroute altitude with autopilot engaged: – 1100 feet above the ground. * Non-precision approaches – 50 feet below MDA, but not less than 1100 feet above the ground * Coupled ILS approaches – 50 feet below DH but not less than 80 feet above the ground Block IV Autopilot mode selector:

* Aux/Nav: inoperative, tied to nav eqipment.
* HDG SEL: turns aircraft to heading selected by the captains heading bug. * MAN: heading and altitude control. Use the turn/pitch knob. * NAV/LOC: captures and tracks a VOR or LOC frequency set by the captain. Aircraft must be within ½ dot displacement for VOR. 1 ½ dots for localizer. * AUTO G/S: Captures and maintains localizer and glide slope (700fpm initial decent). Must activate before passing through glideslope. * MAN G/S: not normally used. Used when AUTO G/S ineffective. Aircraft automatically pitches down 700fpm and after 10 seconds maintains glideslope with 20 degree pitch capability. Block IV switches and knobs:

* HDG SEL: used with any mode ecept MAN G/S. Turns to and holds captains CDI hdg. Will automatically shut off when turn knob is moved out of center detent or if the capture/track phase is entered in AUTO G/S or NAV/LOC. * Turn and Pitch knob: moves selector to MAN when used. Allowed 30 degrees of bank. Inoperative if: * Altitude hold switch on

* Mode selector to MAN G/S.
* Mode selector to AUTO G/S and established on G/S.
* Aileron and Elevator Engage levers: Must be engaged to used MAN G/S or AUTO G/S. failure of any interlock, pressing yoke disconnect, or changing CDI SELECT button will disenegage levers. * Altitude Hold switch: hold the aircrafts pressure altitude at that time. Disengages if: * Elevator axis disengaged

* Mode selector to MAN G/S.
* Mode selector to AUTO G/S and established on G/S.
Autopilot annunciator panel:
* VOR/LOC and GLIDE SLOPE amber and green: armed...
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