Instrument Checkride

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Instrument Checkride

By | Feb. 2012
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My Instrument Check Ride..

Saturday June 12, 2010 was a typical summer day in the Midwest, hot humid and a chance of pop up thunder storms. A little insight into my flying resume: I started my PPL in 2006, I have roughly 200 hours of flight time and my aircraft history includes Diamond’s with some Cessna time sprinkled in. My PPL check ride consisted of roughly 12 continuances: 2 mechanical and 10 weather.

Back in late October 2009 I actually started my IFR check ride that concluded with a continuance after landing with the autopilot locking up and me having to over ride the controls. My family obligations over the next few months meant I never got to complete my check ride in 2009. The winter of 2010 was very unfriendly for GA flying. As winter started to break and I was able to start flying on a regular basis to prepare for the check ride. The test was scheduled, June 12, 2010. Keep in mind that not only is the Midwest weather in Spring / Summer a little volatile but the DA 40/G that I was using was 13 hours from being up for 100 hour & oil change and along for annual at the end of the month of June. The possibility that this airplane was going to be out of commission for a bit if I didn’t complete rather quickly was quite high.

The morning of June 12 came and I arrived at 3SQ an hour early to prepare. The forecast was 20% chance of T – Storms that morning and up to 30% by the afternoon. A huge precipitation system was over KC pushing our way but would not be a factor until late in the afternoon. I prepared my stacks of information for the check ride showing how the plane was legal and our cross country was doable with or without an alternate. After some paper work and our ground portion we decided that it was time to fly.

Took off from 3SQ and headed north up the Mississippi river to an area that was clear for unusual attitudes and turns. Head phone troubles along with check ride jitters resulted in some issues with the compass steep...

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