Instructors Manual to Operations Management

Topics: Operations management, Management, Industrial engineering Pages: 106 (33022 words) Published: November 21, 2011
© Nigel Slack, Stuart Chambers & Robert Johnston 2007
Instructor's Manual
Operations Management
Fifth edition
Nigel Slack Stuart ChambersRobert Johnston
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Chapters Pages1. Operations management 52. The strategic role and objectives of operations 163. Operations strategy 244. Process design 325. The design of products and services 406. Supply network design 457. Layout and flow 538. Process technology 609. Job design and work organization 6910. The nature of planning and control 7811. Capacity planning and control 8312. Inventory planning and control 11313. Supply chain planning and control 12414. Enterprise resource planning (ERP) 13515. Lean operations and JIT 14716. Project planning and control 15517. Quality planning and control 16618. Operations improvement 18219. Failure prevention and recovery 19020. Total Quality Management 19721. The operations challenge 204 Nigel Slack, Stuart Chambers & Robert Johnston,

Operations Management
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