Instructor Policies 212 Health Care Vocabulary

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  • Published : February 23, 2013
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Instructor Policies 212 Health Care Vocabulary
Facilitator Information Patricia Wolcott
pwolcott5 (University of Phoenix) (Personal)
623-523-2473 (MST)
Facilitator Availability
I am available from 10 a.m. - 5 p.m. Mountain Standard Time on most days, but I attempt to reserve Sunday for my family. On Saturdays, I tend to be online in the morning only. If these times are not convenient for you, please let me know. I will be happy to accommodate your schedule, if possible. I provide you with these times to make it easier to communicate with me, and not to limit our contact. I want you to know that, should you need to contact me outside these time frames, you should not hesitate to do so. For emergencies, when you are not able to gain access to messages on the Online Learning System (OLS), please send a message to my personal email address. In the event a third party needs to contact me, please direct them to my contact information listed under "facilitator information." No third party should use your login credentials to gain access to the classroom. Late Assignments Late assignments receive a 15% deduction for each day they are late if assignments are not posted by 11:59 p.m. M.S.T. on the day they are due. Assignments more than 3 days late will not be accepted. Technological issues are not considered valid grounds for late assignment submission. In the event of a University of Phoenix server outage, students should submit assignments to the instructor and when systems are restored, submit those assignments according to syllabus instructions. Unless an Incomplete grade has been granted, learner assignments submitted after the last day of class will not be accepted. Posting Assignments in the Wrong Forum / Class

It is the student’s responsibility to submit all assignments in the...
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