Instructional Technology

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Kelli Miller
Instructional Technology
John Lawrence

Mission and Vision Statement
My mission in my Special Education classroom is to prepare students to be more productive in all areas of education through the use of technology; so that all students can learn and grow through technology and use it as a tool to advance in the classroom and life as well. There are many different types of technology that can be used in the classroom. Being a Special Education major, one of the most helpful tools is the computer. Many special needs students have problems with communication and the computer can help tremendously, not only to increase communication but other areas of learning as well. “A computer is just one piece of communication training these children receive, but it’s a very important component because it motivates the students and helps teachers and other people become more aware of what they can do: When you see a new response, you say to yourself, how can I transfer this response off the computer. As a result of the child showing us a new skill, we become very motivated to try other things.” Technology advances things such as enlarges text, spell check and text-to-speech and are all very helpful to students with disabilities. Being able to communicate on their own, allows special needs students to gain self-esteem, confidence and respect from others.

My Vision is to ensure all students are given the opportunity to participate in all areas of the classroom and advance in education and communication. Technology plays a huge role in this vision by allowing the special needs student to feel they are a part of the class. “Technology-based applications give students access to worlds and environments that are inaccessible, too expensive, or too dangerous in a classroom setting; enable students with disabilities to experience labs and field trips at their own pace; and allow them to repeat the experience as many times as necessary.” There are so many field trips that students with special needs do not get to experience because of the reasons listed above. Technology has allowed these students to participate and experience these trips when they would not without technology. This in my opinion is so important to help the special needs student feel that they are part of their class when often times they do not feel accepted and feel left out. “The common trend behind many useful products is that they are open-ended. This means they allow the creation of customized activities for individual students needs. Open-ended products offer Special Education teachers greater flexibility in the classroom.” By using these products this allows each student to be able to progress at their pace and feel like they are accomplishing something.

I first decided to become a Special Education teacher when I accepted a job at a local elementary school in the Special Ed classroom. When I first started I was dreading going to work every day. But as the school year progressed, I found myself connecting with these children on a level I never knew existed. At that moment, I knew God had placed me there and this was my calling. My calling is to teach special needs children and help them succeed and progress in the classroom and life. I am so excited to begin my teaching career and begin influencing children’s lives just as I have seen my Mother do for the past twenty years.

Communication Plan
As I think about my career in Special Education and communication in the classroom, technology plays a huge role in communication between special needs students and others. Many special needs students have problems communicating and need to find other ways to communicate. Technology has allowed them to gain access to different ways of communication when often they could not communicate. The computer is one tool that is used often in the Special Education classroom as a means of communication. In my classroom, I too will implement the computer as a tool to...
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