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After reading David Nuna’s article about designing a syllabus: 1. Define the objectives or course where you are to use the Instructional Materials My Instructional Materials will try to let the students learn grammar concepts and its application that includes reading, writing, and speaking activities to further enhance their understanding of the concepts and applications. A. To improve understanding of English grammar concepts 1. Grammar exercises to become familiar with the concepts 2. Understanding the functions of the grammar items.

B. To further develop listening and speaking skill through 3. Individual activities
4. Pair works activities
5. Group discussions
C. To develop social awareness through
6. Reading activities involving social issues
7. Writing activities that enable the student to express and react on certain issues 8. Sharing experiences about
2. Approaches and Methods
The following are the approaches and methods I am basing my Instructional Materials a. Cooperative language learning

The central premise of CLL is that learners develop communicative competence in a language by utilizing the language in socially and pedagogically structured situations. This approach values importance of cooperation in working together to achieve or accomplish shared goals. Here, the students seek outcome that benefit them and other members of the group.

b. Whole language Approach

Whole language view language as something that is always seen as something that is used for meaningful purposes and carry out authentic function [ (Rodgers, 2001) ]. The integration of Whole Language in IM is something that would enable the students to experience the used of the language in meaningful purpose and authentic function. Whole language is believed to be authentic, personalized, and collaborative and personalized. These characteristics of this method will benefit the students learning the target language meaning and function since the students will be subdued to activities that enable them to have some mastery of the target skills.

c. Task-Based Approach

Task Based Language Teaching refers to an approach based on the use of tasks as the core unit of planning and instruction in language teaching [ (Rodgers, 2001) ]. In this IM tasks will be given to the students as part of the instructions. They may be asked to accomplish writing tasks, or reading tasks that require collaboration. Nunan (1989: 10) defines task as a piece of classroom activity that involves comprehension, manipulation, production or interaction in the target language while their attention is focus on meaning rather than form. Thu, this IM will be set to do some understanding and manipulation to come up finish a task; be it writing or reading task, or any group activities that would require them to produce an output.

d. Competency-Based Language Teaching

CBLT is an approach to language teaching that is based on a functional and interactional perspective of the nature of language. Language is used as a medium of communication between people to achieve specific goals and purposes. The purpose of CBLT in this IM is that it is used as one of the frameworks. Parts of the IM are activities that enable the students to develop skills the students specifically needs.

3. Approach to Syllabus Design
Integrated Approach to Syllabus Design: this approach to syllabus design will enable the students to be in the contexts and situations in which they will communicate, the communicative events the learner will engage in are identified, functional goals the learners will need for the communicative events are clearly stated. Also, Integrated Approach to Syllabus Design allows the linguistics elements needed by the students to be listed to achieve goals. 4. Themes, topics, and activities:

UNIT 1: That’s me!
Talking about hobbies...
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