Instant Messaging: Emotionless Conversation

Topics: Instant messaging, Internet, Internet culture Pages: 2 (768 words) Published: June 21, 2008
Life is unyielding; it is a constant social struggle. Social confrontation can be difficult and is sometimes better that it not happen. But fortunately, there is alternative method of conversation and confrontation that can take place. The Internet opens up all sorts of new possibilities and systems for communication. Suddenly, physical presence is no longer necessary, and you no longer have to connect with someone on a physical, or even mental basis. Long distance communication, without even opening your mouth is possible with instant messaging: a direct conversation between 2 people. This new method of conversation allows certain confrontational and otherwise unspeakable things to be said with no instant physical or material repercussions. The great thing about the Internet is that it is still a brand new interface for communication. Written communications have been taking place for centuries, but with the invention of the computer and the keyboard, typing has revolutionized the text and literature fields; it has also allowed for the invention of something such as the Internet. The Internet has no rules—it is a medium with few regulations and standards that cannot be created quickly enough, let alone keep up with the rapid changing of the internet. To be more specific to instant messaging, there are no usage guidelines. You may speak to whomever you wish, in any manor you like, whenever you like. “The rules” are nonexistent. Instant messaging attracts all different types of people; All different genders, ages, race, and religions. Suppose a shy white man has strong racial beliefs, but cannot voice them publicly. He may choose to send instant messages to people who he knows are people of colour, perhaps affronting them about the “impurity” of their coloured skin. He may have absolutely no problem at all voicing his opinions in this situation, since no instant physical or substantial consequence could take place, although the victims of his message may block...
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