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“Caught in the Web”
This story “Caught in the Web” by January W. Payne is about the problem of internet usage. She says people are getting addicted to the internet to the point where it is affecting their lives. The author said that being on the internet for so long can ruin relationships with a partner, or even with their own family. She also mentions the growth in college students with excessive internet usage, at least 14% of students said that they “found it hard to stay away from the internet for several days at a time.” She also mentioned that it may be a disorder rather than addiction. January, the author, also said that single people and younger people are most likely to use the internet than any other person. People use it mostly for chat sites, e-mailing, and instant messaging.

I agree with January Payne in “Caught in the Web”, there are too many people addicted to the internet and surfing the web. 2 to 3 hours may not be bad, but 4 or more I think is ridiculous! I agree it can affect your education, it interferes with the hours you got for studying. I sometimes get caught up on “Facebook” and lose track of hours so I do totally agree of what the author was trying to say. Internet is a problem and people need to recognize it before it ruins their life. I agree on the symptoms too, I know people who get mad when they are told to get off the internet, and people who are depressed because they can’t play their favorite video game. People need to find ways to avoid the internet and put a time limit on how long to be on it. It will ruin your life when you don’t even know it.
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