Installing Dev C++

Topics: Microsoft Windows, Windows Vista, Windows XP Pages: 2 (373 words) Published: January 11, 2013
How to install the software on Vista:
1.Install mingw and devcpp as instructed on DISK 2008 .Run the compatibility wizard by doing the following: 1.1Click on Start
1.2Choose Control Panel
1.3Type ‘compatibility’ in the Search block (top right of Control Panel window) 1.4Click on ‘Use an older program with this version of Windows’ under Default Programs as shown below:
2.5The Program Compatibility Wizard window will appear. Click on Next. 2.6 In the following window, choose ‘I want to locate the program manually’ and click on Next. 2.7 In the window that appears (see below) either browse to find devcpp or type the following path: C:\unisa\devcpp\devcpp.exe. Then click on Next.

2.8 Choose Microsoft Windows XP (Service Pack 2) in the window that follows and click on Next: 2.9 Leave the display settings as is in the following window, and click on Next: 2.10 Click the checkbox to run the program as an administrator in the following window and click on Next. NB Devcpp must be run as an administrator! 2.11Click on Next to check the compatibility settings in the following window. 2.12 This will take you to Devcpp where you can set the initial settings (i.e choose the language and set up the cache). Once that is done, close Devcpp and return to the following window :
2.13 Click on Next
2.14Choose No in the following window and then click on Next 2.15Click Finish in the next window to complete the Program Compatibility Wizard. 2.Now you need to create a shortcut to Devcpp. To set up the shortcut to DevCpp follow the steps below: 2.1 Click on Start

3.2Choose Computer
3.3Double-click on C:
3.4Double-click on unisa
3.5Double-click on devcpp
3.6Select devcpp application as shown in the window below

3.7 Right-click on devcpp application, choose Send To in the pop-up menu and then Desktop (Create shortcut) as shown below.
This will place the following shortcut on the desktop:

3.8Double-click on the shortcut to...
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