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Introduction to entrepreneurship

Midterm assignment

Kevin Systrom, founder and CEO of Instagram


Kevin Systrom is an American entrepreneur most known as CEO and founder of Instagram, the most popular worldwide sharing application. This program has 85 million users and 4 billion photos were shared. So what makes it so special? It is a combination of passion for photography and weal to make it easy and available for everyone by just using your mobile. Kevin says “It’s one thing to share the photo but another for that photo to look gorgeous and be something you would like to keep forever.”(Systrom,2012)

The reason why I decide to report Kevin Systrom is in my opinion he gives the best example how great idea can be transformed into successful company in very limited amount of time. Second after completing my research I realized that innovation made by him would have huge influence on social network in future. Last but not least his set of mind, values and personal characteristics fulfill my vision of perfect entrepreneurial set of mind.

Entrepreneurial path and mind-set

Kevin Systrom was interested in entrepreneurship from very young age; his mother used to work for a back than and currently is an employee of Zip Car.

Since that time technology was exiting for him, he took decision to go to private school that was an hour drive away in order to take computer science classes, as he considered them fun and useful. With the age of 12 he found the way to block his friend cursors and knock them offline. In his free time Kevin was creating websites for his friends and classmates, an example can be PhotoBox created in order to post pictures from latest keg party.

He applied to Stanford with the intent to study computer science, but after taking the first course in advance programing he realized it was probably not a right thing for him. He used to spend 40 hours per week studying it and could barely get B. So he switched to management science. He says, “It basically taught me how to be an investment banker.”(Systrom,2012)

What really stands out for me is Kevin,he is really open minded and ready to explore new things. He is always looking for opportunity to get some experience even if it doesn’t seem applicable at the moment he believes it can be useful in long-term perspective as long as you do intellectual activities.

During his junior years in Stanford he went to Florence, Italy in order to study Photography. Combing this experience with his technological background helped him to create open platform for visual media, which gained such a success.

Being in Florence he also applied for a program created for young entrepreneurs, the core idea of it put students in groups of 12 people and paired them with successful entrepreneurs in order to share experience about structure of deals, fundraising and recruitment of people. The program’s co-director, Tina Seelig, says, “Systrom stood out as an obvious ­entrepreneur, he was always building things—always experimenting. It was in his nature to be looking at the world through the lens of ‘Where’s the opportunity here?’” (Bertani, 2012)

He completed his first summer internship at Odeo (that would later create Twitter), it was where he realized that he wanted to become and entrepreneur and got the first real feel of it. During this internship an important contact was made, he was working in a pair with Jack Dorsey, later the creator of Twitter. In future he will help Instagram to gain that popularity. Once Systrom was hired for a project manager position at Google. After about a year working there he realized his hunger for a start up.

Soon after he came up with the idea of Instagram, called Burbn back than. In winter 2010

Stanford education and his ability to communicate helped him to make right connections for the future. It is important to meet people, communicate and keep in touch, that what in the end really makes...
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