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Topics: Art, Worst-Case Scenario series, Aesthetics Pages: 2 (750 words) Published: January 21, 2013
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My friend and I sat on her floor one day and pondered our life’s worst possible scenarios. We began with the best and slowly eliminated key factors: dream job, beautiful husband, tropical location, happy smiley children, millions of dollars coming down from the sky with no particular explanation, happiness. As we neared the worst case we arrived at: lonely, ugly, and dirty lives. My worst-case scenario was to live in a tiny apartment not in a city. There would be one window looking out over someone else’s small patch of dying grass. Every wall in the house would be painted the same dull color that could have once been blue or green or white or brown. Now it all just looks like an unhealthy grey. My friend winced. But I had already resolved this situation. “I'll draw all over the walls and write stories on tiny sheets of paper and roll them up and drop them out the window for someone to find and enjoy,” I said. “I’ll live in a dream world where everything is imagination so nothing can ever go wrong.” So this was no longer my worst possible situation because no matter how far into any kind of a hellish failure I placed myself, I was left with one thing: My creative mind. “I’ll be the woman trapped all day in the toll booth whose job is utterly pointless and lonely since EZpass came around,” I decide. “Instead of dwelling on my life’s sad situation, I’ll watch and think about each person who passes by. I’ll write stories inspired by the fleeting glimpses of commuter’s faces on their way to work” and with that small glimmer of creative expression and freedom I have raised myself out of the worst case scenario. If I see something meaningful and I notice, and ponder and analyze, I become an artist with my mind and those thoughts become art, even if I never tell a soul. If I write about what I have observed I become an artist with words and the words become art. If I see something...
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