Inspiring Conglomeration of Women Entrepreneurs

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The entrepreneur is a key to economic development. History is full of instances of individual entrepreneurs whose creativity has led to the industrialization of many nations, entrepreneurs like Bolton in the eighteenth century, Henry Ford and Emil Ratheneau in 20th century, were responsible for the industrialization of their countries.

The emergence of women entrepreneurs in a society depends to a great extent on the economic, religious, cultural, social, psychological and other factors. To developing countries like India, the presence of entrepreneurs, that too women entrepreneurs is of vital necessity, to achieve a rapid, all round and regionally and socially balanced economic growth through industrialization. It also helps in tapping the inherent talent prevailing among them and acts as a panacea for many problems faced by them, such as dowry death, low recognition in the society, poverty, unemployment and excessive dependence on male members.

Women suffer the most in out country. Her involvement in economic activities is marked by low work participation rates, excessive concentration in the unorganized sector f the economy and that too in low skill jobs. There is greater dynamism in the rate of growth of female employment. However, in rural areas, perhaps the agriculture has provided much more employment for women. Their literacy rate, which itself is the cause for low economic status, creates a vicious circle of low social and economic status. At this specific juncture, that the emergence of women socio-economic emancipation of women1.

In recent times, the women in India have been neglected a lot. The status of women in India is an illustration of a paradox. At the micro level, she has equal, if not greater, position in the family as ardhangini and she is the pivot of the socioeconomic fabric of the family as a mother. The scriptures and mythologies give her even the status of Goddess and many women are remembered even today for their freedom struggle. However, over the period the position of women at the macro level of the society has been downgraded, so much that she is the most abused person of the India society. But at present they have not been actively involved in the mainstream of development even though they represent a bulk of the population and labour force. Primarily women are the means of survival of their families, but are generally unrecognized and undervalued, being place at the bottom of the pile. Ideologically as well as in practice women are considered inferior to males, thus, the inequalities inherent in our traditional social structure, based on caste, community and class, have a significant influence on the low status of women in different spheres. Thus the main issue which is still being debated is the kind of strategy to be evolved for raising their status and participation in the process of development. Hence, the emergence of 1 Valsamma Antony, “Women Entrepreneurs on the Upbeat- A Study”, Southern Economist, Vol. 45, No. 21, March 3, 2007.

women as entrepreneurs in India should be seen as a resurgence of the rightfully respectable socio-economic status of women. However, a society constrained by the suppressive socio-economic factors can not generate the much needed women entrepreneurs on its own.

Women entrepreneurs are the women or a group of women who initiate, organize and operate a business enterprise. The government of India connotes women entrepreneurs as “an enterprise owned and controlled by a woman having a minimum financial interest of 51 per cent of the capital and giving at least 51 per cent of the employment generated in the enterprise to women”. However, this been...
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