Inspirational Research

Topics: Novel, Bible, Literature Pages: 6 (1945 words) Published: March 18, 2011
By Jeffery J. Mounts

A Radical Change in Reading
When a majority of people walk in and around a library or a bookstore, they most likely look for something to bring the chills down their backs in the Horror-Science fiction area or take them into a world of the unknown in a fantasy novel. We as that majority of people find a book to complete our thirst for entertainment of words, but what about novels with spiritual words and settings in inspirational novels? What is inspirational fiction? Is it the usage of words that leave the reader wordless? Or is it when the author sounds, as if they are lecturing? They both can be the definition of what inspirational fiction is all about. It is a certain type of literature that authors use to tell their spiritual journeys through life into a fictionist character. Inspirational fiction can leave a reader feeling different or having a radical change in the reader’s life. Inspirational fiction can be, but is mostly based on a Christian’s perspective. One Christian perspective can write numerous books about the lives of others in everyday situations. That one perspective is Karen Kingsbury. Kingsbury thinks that inspirational fiction, better known as Christian fiction, is more powerful than fantasy, history, and horror-science fiction. On July 17, 1964, in Fairfax, Virginia, Karen Kingsbury was born to Theodore and Anne Kingsbury. At a young age, Kingsbury showed her interest in writing when she began writing at the age of five. Kingsbury wrote her first book, “The Horse”, in kindergarten with crayon and unlined paper. Kingsbury showed great participation in English through her school years, she wrote for her elementary, middle and high school newspaper. When she was in college, she wrote short articles in the Northridge Newspaper at California State University. After getting her masters in English, she was married to Donald (last name confidential) in the year of 1988 and now is a proud mother of six children, three of which were adopted from Haiti. Kingsbury has won the 2007 Gold Medallion for Best Book of the Year with the novel, Ever After (also wining the 2007 Christian Book Prize), won the 2007 Retailer’s Choice Award for her novel Found, and was named 2007 Author of the Year Award from Logos Bookstores. In 2005 she won the Gold Medallion and Retailer Choice for her novel Oceans Apart. In her series of Redemption she won the best series award 2005 Retailer Choice. Kingsbury’s books have made her a critical success and a top selling author, and have received tons of emails from thousands of readers who have claimed that “Karen’s fiction has dramatically changed their lives.” Kingsbury is now a popular speaker at women’s groups across the country; she spends her spare time doing family things with her husband and children. On Christmas this past year, Kingsbury wrote “Miracles Happen”, which is a Christmas song that appeared on Richie McDonald’s cd. Kingsbury is now living at home in the Pacific Northwest with her family. They enjoy laughing amongst each other, loving and living life with faith in God. Kingsbury is also undergoing major screen filming for motion picture for three of her novels: Gideon’s Gift, A Thousand Tomorrows, and Like Dandelion Dust. Kingsbury hopes that more of her novels make it to big screen. According to Books Christians, “Kingsbury is America’s favorite inspirational novelist yet.” So what makes inspirational fiction so captivating? Kingsbury writes in a manner that makes it captivating. She uses everyday objectives or issues people confront each moment of their lives. Kingsbury is an author who understands what her readers undergo through in life and how their mistakes can lead them astray in both: life and loyalty to God. In some situations can become so extreme that it can lead towards catastrophic results. This includes the views on abortion, war, addiction, premarital...
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