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  • Published : October 31, 2012
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Happiness is a state of motion that depends partially on memory. Our consciousness filled by our soul needs pops up and pushes oneself toward a trend that might be considered our destiny. Our appreciation of happiness consistently depends in our desires and a sense of fulfillment of our duty in life. It might not be a matter of physical facts, but would certainly be a matter of peace and harmony of our soul and our mind against in the same direction to our body feelings. The pursue of happiness is important. Is It naturally pursued? or is one pushed by? that I do not know, whom is pushing from the inside to take one choice better than the best other alternative. Happiness and money is a matter of a point in space and time. You might have lots of money at a small island in the middle of no were, useless, just useful to fuel a night fire to maintain me body warm in harmony. On the other hand, there are people with no know how whose horizon is uneven with others belongings they need more money to fulfill theirs, instead, others feel happiness by achieving higher levels by using what our creator has given as all resources to fulfill our soul, mind, and body. When we are happy we feel closer to what might be called a state of excellency. What might be good in our life. Goodness is eternal if our memories shine toward the right notes which in any case our bodies are made of just as music traveling along space in motion.
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