Inspiration of the Bible

Topics: Bible, Christianity, Biblical inspiration Pages: 5 (1747 words) Published: August 16, 2009
Divine inspiration of Bible, its significance is taken out for one of the most important reasons is the usage of Bible inspiration as an important element in the Scripture. It develop together all the accounts of Scripture and provides the most with value. The notion of the disputes according the Scripture point and inspiration case is carried throughout Orton Wiley's Christian Theology. Wiley entered the dispute pretending to show the false meaning of the Bible . He clearly stated that "only three worthy monarchs, the kings have gathered a faith in their hands. It means that, they forced our Faith and put it into a false and unworthy position before God and man." (Wiley, 6). He put the strong critique and abuse towards the Church's prerogatives: "The Reformers themselves have fought earnestly to maintain the balance between the formal and the material rules of every day life. At the end the formal principal has superseded the material, so people began unconsciously to substitute the written, God-breathed Word for Christ by the Living Word. They have divorced the written word from the Personal God's Word and thus were put into a false position. It was no longer the guidance from God, his speech, the Spirit's presence, but just a recorded speech which bound men by legal rather than spiritual bonds. Nowadays people knowledge became formal rather than spiritual. The understanding of God became less true and real. It is not a consequence that Christ appeared to them as a historical figure, but not a Living Reality; and people sought more for a Knowledge of God's will than for God Himself. They gave more attention to creeds than to Christ." (Wiley 2). This paper is purposed discuss the importance of inspiration and the Bible as the God-breathed word. One of the most specific attentions in inspiration doctrine is paid to the content of the person's doctrine of Scripture. It indicates the divine activity bringing scripture to the real life. Generally the doctrine of inspiration shows us the role of God in the life process. Secondly the idea of inspiration stresses on the place where everyone stands in the whole critical enterprise. Nowadays it has become one of the most disputable topics of the modern theological field. The core point to disputes lays in the way to find out which doctrine has been used recently in the biblical researches. The objective of this work is to explore the inspiration theory's development and the position of the major part of modern theologians who support the Methodist tradition. Current field of study claims for more research and investigation to be done in the future. At beginning of the century an inspiration tradition experienced the powerful pressure from the side of different religious confessions. (Wiley 6) At those times it was difficult to find anyone who was willing to express their feelings combining a comprehensive and right account of inspiration. So there was a fruitful field for appearing the rival knowledge of doctrines related to inspiration theme and their development. In the early years of the twentieth century this tandem was replaced by pluralism and this fact was confirmed within the United Methodist Church of America. Olin Curtis (1850-1918) and Henry Sheldon (1845 - 1928) have brought us the blowing wind of changes. According to Dr. Curtis studying the special revelation as the very essence of the Christian faith helps us to recognize the traditional, rather apologetic claims for miracle. Here is a guarantee that revelation was inadequate as has been developed by his forebears. Dr, Curtis claims "the miracles are not created by a judicious defense or supernatural activity, he stresses that they are the acts of God, performed in his extraordinary way. The inspiration knowledge by Curtis seems to be a dynamic and essential system, which exists in the peace and consequence with God illuminating his inner life and acting vitally for Christian brotherhood and love. Dr. Curtis...
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