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English inspiration script

Good morning/afternoon everybody my name is Matthew, I’m your tutor today and I am from the Queensland Institute of Film Studies. In this tutorial group today I will be teaching you about two inspirational movies and the nature of these films. But before I start tutoring you I would like to ask you what inspiration is? Does it mean being strong and courageous? Does it mean helping others in need? Or maybe does it mean being a good leader? What does it mean to you?

To me inspiration means doing something unique and great to achieve a goal, whereas inspiration is defined in the dictionary as ‘stimulation or arousal of the mind, feelings, etc, to special or unusual activity or creativity’ which isn’t very easy to understand. How many of you can explain this to someone? Some movies can cause social change; they can inspire people to do the right thing, to help others in need, to try harder. Social change means to inspire people to change. There are two movies in particular that have inspired me and they are ‘touching the void’ and ‘invictus’.

Touching the void is about two mountain climbers named Joe Simpson and Simon Yates (who are played by Brendan Mackey and Nicholas Aaron) and their perilous journey up and down a mountain called Siula Grande. This film is called a biopic which is a film based on the life of a famous person, they dramatise and depict the life of an actual person or people. This biopic also has interviews between each scene with the actual climbers Simon and Joe which helps to better imagine what the climb would have been like. All the peril actually happens going down the mountain when Joe breaks his leg sliding down the mountain, so Simon ties the ropes together and lowers him down but has to cut the rope after Joe goes over a cliff. Joe falls into a crevasse and Joe has the choice of waiting to die or to go deeper into the crevasse without knowing what is down there and therefore ‘touches the void’ he chooses...
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