Topics: Public speaking, Slot 1, Pentium II Pages: 4 (705 words) Published: May 3, 2013
District: 82

Balmatta, Mangalore.

11th February 2012

The President welcomed all the members and also the guests to the club. With the Valentine's day lurking around the corner, he fascinated the crowd with certain facts related to the very day. He then took over the meeting as the Toastmaster of the day, who also welcomed the members from the other clubs and proceeded on with the formal meeting.

TM Vineeth Bangera occupied speaker slot 1 and completed his CC1 ( Ice Breaker ),-‘My Painting’. The speech started off with the quotes of Pablo Picasso-' Life is an art and you are the artist'. He an artist himself, painted a picture on an imaginary canvas in front of the gathering which was split up into past, present and future. The evaluator appreciated the effort he has put into his first speech at the Toastmasters. The evaluator also complimented him, on the way he picturised the entire speech ending with a good conclusion. TM Shashikanth certified him on the completion of the project and complimented him on the same.

TM Kirti Mohan occupied speaker slot 2 and completed his CC6 (Vocal Variety)-‘God, biochemistry and my brain’. He shared incidents with his grandmother and mother, that instilled piety in him and also regarding his journey exploring the institute of different religions. He concluded the speech on a note, which revealed the effect of religion on the biochemistry in our brain. The evaluator complimented on his resonant voice and the volume. He also commented on him having a excellent topic. TM Varun Kuriakose certified his completion of the project and complimented him on the same.

TM Aashritha Shenava occupied speaker slot 3 and completed her CC2 (Organize your speech) – ‘Laughter the best medicine’. She spoke on how laughter is an integral part of one's life. Being a part of the laughter club, she had devised certain steps to make humour a part of the 9-5...
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