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The Ins and Outs of the IT industry4

The Field of Network Security4
Required Education5
Job Outlook

The Health Care Industry6

Registered Nurse6
Required Education7
Job Outlook8

Recommendation and Conclusions9




1. Median Salary for Security Administrator5
2. Employment projections data5

3. Staff Nurse median salary7
4. Registered Nurses employment8
5. Wage and salary employment 9
comparison between different industries


America is slowly recovering from the recession imposed on her years ago. Acquiring a job of any profession has become particularly difficult due to the state of the economy. A lot of liberal arts based jobs have lost their luster and demand and have left a lot of career bound prospects jobless and unsatisfied.

The demand in jobs has shifted towards technology based areas. Now more than ever, employers want people who are skilled in technology. The biggest reason is that society has rapidly adopted technology into their everyday lives. People are now needed more than ever to create, maintain, and even support the new technology. Not many people have the necessary skills to conduct those tasks.

Computer networking based jobs have steadily increased in popularity and demand over the recent years. However, the health care industry has been steadily climbing in demand as well. A lot has to do with the rising health care costs and advancement in treatments. Medical professional assistants are becoming more and more in demand. It is a great time to consider pursuing a career in either industry, as they both have their benefits.

This report intends to analyze two career fields in their respective industries as requested by a client. It will overview the two career fields and explores opportunities inside each area. The aim of the report is only to help recommend which career choice the client should consider pursuing in hopes of finding satisfaction.

I went through publications such as to gather evidence to showcase the major job growth and opportunities in the mentioned fields. Research went spent gathering relevant information regarding both career fields. I also enlisted in the help of the Bureau of Labor Statistics to help support my analysis for an outlook on both career fields.

The Ins and Outs of the IT industry

The Information Technology (IT) industry is one of the largest sectors in the job place today. It can be said that it is the main source of sweeping changes in business practices in all other sectors. The term IT is a very broad term, as it covers a number of related disciplines and areas, from semiconductor design and production, through hardware manufacturing (mobile devices, mainframes, servers, and desktop computers), to software, networking, and, of course, the Internet.

The aforementioned disciplines are even broad themselves. The major sub-areas in IT are capable of being divided into their own sub-divisions. For example, the area of networking can be divided into more specialized areas. There is the networking field of IP telephony (voice), wireless, and there is even network security.

The Field of Network Security

In today’s highly technological world, nearly everything, especially information, is connected together in some form. The idea of security for such measures has become a major point of concern. Network security a major field that is integral in our world.

A Network Security specialist’s role is to monitor computer networks for...
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