Inside Man

Topics: Robbery, Bank robbery, Spike Lee Pages: 3 (902 words) Published: February 5, 2013
Rachel Arhin
Mr. Weinbren
November 23, 2012
Film Director Spike Lee
Inside Man

A) Russell is a confident man who has no doubt that today he will pull off the perfect bank heist, but Detective Frazier plans otherwise because after all, his a man of the law. Russell is trying to serve bank owner Mr. Case justice, but Mr. Case has hired Mrs. White to keep safe that which he believes is rightfully his. Here in lies the challenge and commencing of negotiations between all four parties who feel that they are all attempting to do the right thing.

B) Theme of movie: In many situations, what we consider right and wrong can be interpreted differently.

C) In this opening scene, Russell explains to the audience what his plans are for the day; shortly after the heist begins to take place. In the very first clip Spike Lee uses a close-up to film Russell. He is laying the who, what when and where but not so much the why or how he plans to rob Mr. Case’s bank. The close-up is effective because it forces the audience to pay attention to what Russell is saying. It is almost essential that audience understands this first clip because it lays down the premise for the rest of the movie which for some might be challenging to comprehend. After this first clip, the opening credits begin to run and it is accompanied by Bollywood music of all choices. This choice of music is entertaining and clever. It is clever because it represents the confusion and missing links that are present within the movie. Bollywood music would not usually be the theme song for a movie about a New York robbery so this could be a bit confusing, but the robbers’ motives as well as the bank owner’s dirty past is a bit confusing as well. Lastly when the robbers first enter the bank, they are dressed in all white jumpsuits. This choice of costume is subtle and effective because it represents the major difference between the emotions of...
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